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Hici'emi System

The Hici'emi System is a navigational hazard in the Kikyo Sector in grid 2711. It is adjacent to the Nyli system. It consists of a spatial anomaly thought to contain Zesuaium stellar bodies that shadow the planets which used to exist in the system.


The Hici'emi system was located in the Yugumo Cluster, a group of systems discovered during the Yugumo project; a Fifth Expeditionary Fleet effort to locate and secure a new system from which to base its operations following the destruction of Taiie in YE 29.

It was colonized in YE 30 by the Lorath Matriarchy to be used as a system to place a Helashio colony1). That year it became part of the United Outer Colonies2) until the UOC's fall in YE 32. It was not a direct participant in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and survived intact and was still defended by the LSDF in YE 333).

There was a United Manufacturing Cooperative facility on Hici'emi II. It was used in a meeting with the Freespacers and Elysian Celestial Empire4). It included a shipyard where the first Nir-Class Colony Ship was constructed5).

In YE 39 the system was effectively destroyed by Project Checkout when the Lorath departed the universe, leaving behind a hazardous region of space in its previous location.

Some lifeforms from Hici'emi may still be found as they were transplanted to Occhestan Republic worlds in YE 326).

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