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HX-13 is one of the twenty systems charted by Taisa Hanako while she commanded the YSS Elfin Princess in YE 30. It contains an Earth-like world with one moon. This lush planet isn't safe.

A L O N E by Justin Ahn; Purchased artwork

A L O N E by Justin Ahn 10/07/11; Purchased by Wes 10/27/11


It was early YE 31 and the Second Mishhuvurthyar War was brewing. Seeking to expand their resources, the NMX sent a scout to the system, and found it was inhabited by the descendants of ancient human colonists. Several months later, with the war now in full swing, a Star Army ship was chased here and shot down. The survivors began a mission to find a way to signal the Star Army for help.

The YSS Eucharis entered the system in YE 32 to search for the survivors and was able to rescue three.

The Fifth Fleet looked into conducting an operation to liberate HX-13, but passed the task onto another fleet.

In late YE 34, the Legion XII took the initiative and launched Operation Kōzan with the intent to drive back the Mishhuvurthyar there and bring the Empire one step closer to ending the war.

Notable Surface Features

  • Beaches (beautiful)
  • Swamps (smelly and very wet)
  • Rainforests (dense)
  • Stone road network
  • Milua River (river delta is the site of the YSS Freedom crash)
  • Camouflaged local village of the Pohutsa tribe
  • Mountain Bunker complex (NMX)
  • The Great City of Senogilan (Think Mayan city)

Notable Creatures

  • Ant-like insects (they love honey)
  • Armored lemur thing (territorial tree dweller)
  • Boneshredder vines (have teeth in prehensile vines and a central β€œflower” used to eat people)
  • Dartfly (insect known for its speed)
  • Evil caterpillars (fuzzy, poisonous, devious)
  • Humans (dark skinned tribal natives)

Pictured below: An NMX spider tankette in jungle camouflage and a jungle camouflaged Mishhuvurthyar:

NMX "Flayer" Tankette

OOC Notes

Created by Wes.

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