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Jiyuu System

The Jiyuu system is located in the Yugumo Cluster, a group of systems discovered during the Yugumo project, a Fifth Expeditionary Fleet effort to locate and secure a new system from which to base its operations following the destruction of Taiie. Its name means “freedom” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

Flag of the Jiyuu System

Jiyuu was chosen because of its strategic centrality to other systems in the cluster, making it a potential launching pad for defensive operations in the region. The system is also rich in resources, plenty of planets capable of supporting mining and industrial colonies as well as two inhabitable worlds; Jiyuu III and Jiyuu IV to support full colonization efforts.

In YE 30 the Jiyuu System became the central capital of the United Outer Colonies. In YE 33, Jiyuu was evacuated by the Star Army of Yamatai. Shortly thereafter, the NMX and Lorath Self Defense Force conducted orbital bombardments of the planetary surfaces. In YE 34 it was re-integrated into the Yamatai Star Empire and placed under the protection of Tenth Standard Fleet.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Satellites into orbit of all planets in the Jiyuu system in YE 36.

Starting in YE 36 and YE 37, many of the colonists began to return to Jiyuu using the transports provided by the Star Army of Yamatai, or using the new PAINT transportation system. A hub was recently constructed by Peacekeeper Heavy Industries at the Jiyuu Fleet Depot, offering additional transport to many other worlds of the cluster.

In YE 41, Gemini Star Fortress was relocated to Jiyuu1).

Statistical Information on the Jiyuu System

  • System: Motoyoshi-K-954
  • System Name: Jiyuu
  • Star:(1) Yellow Dwarf
  • Star Name: Jiyuu
  • Type: G (Spectral Class)
  • Surface Temperature: 5,500 K
  • Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.1
  • Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun):1.1
  • Yerkes Luminosity: Type V

Number of Planets: 8


Jiyuu I

Jiyuu II

  • Type: Carbon Planet
  • Colonies: Reimei City.
  • Population: 19,000
  • Other uses: Resource Extraction.
  • Moons: Jiyuu IIA, Jiyuu IIB

There is evidence that this planet was not original to the system. Rather a rogue body that got caught in the solar system when it was formed and began to orbit the central star. A very special planet with a metallic core primarily comprised of iron encased by silicon carbide and titanium carbide. Mountains of diamonds and a surface of thick graphite covered with rich hydrocarbon atmosphere.

A source of carbon materials. The planet had twelve small mining colonies connected to a Katsuko-Class Colony Installation named Reimei City that had fallen into disrepair and disuse. Efforts are underway to restore production in order provide materials for the rebuilding of the system.

Jiyuu III (Jiyuu)

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Furui (Old) Tokyo, Atarashi (New) Tokyo
  • Population: 170 million
  • Other uses: Capital of the Yugumo Cluster, Jiyuu Fleet Depot
  • Moons: Jiyuu IIIA thru Jiyuu IIIE

Jiyuu III is a predominantly ocean planet, several large densely populated archipelagos spanned the globe nearer the equator away from the frozen glaciated poles. Its oceans tainted a deep green, teaming with life where the strong arctic currents met uneven sea floor spewing upwards nutritional up wells.

From the first colony Tamashii no Jiyuu, meaning the “Soul of Freedom”, to the Mega City of Tokyo – Jiyuu was once a testament to the endurance and might of the United Outer Colonies. That age is no more. Evacuated and left an empty husk of its former glory, it was temporarily occupied by the NMX before being cleared by the Lorath Matriarchy. It hosted a temporary base of operations there until the Tenth Standard Fleet reclaimed the system for Yamatai. However, no move was made towards re-population of this planet until mid YE 36 when Yamatai began to bring the citizens home.

With its population increasing, the world was formally reinstated into the Yamatai Star Empire government in YE 37, when Mochizuki Shiori was elected to the Senate of Yamatai. She set about rebuilding the destroyed megacity and its economy through the formation of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries.

What remains of the old sprawling Tokyo Megacity (or Furui, as it is known) has now become a den of salvagers and industrious survivalists, the refugees seeking to either pick up the pieces and rebuild their destroyed homes or re-purpose what technology they can from the ruins of the UOC's past glory. Parts of the city are considered unlivable due to the lingering radiation from the massive orbital bombardments that were conducted, though remediation efforts are well underway. However, not all Jiyuuians wish to brave the uncomfortable conditions of Furui, and sought a fresh start instead. Located on an island in the archipelago between the old megacity and the Jiyuu Fleet Depot, the beginnings of a new megacity known as Atarashi (New) Tokyo have begun to rapidly take root, aided in part by their proximity to the incoming refugees from the new PAINT transport hub, and the construction of farming villages and aquaculture centers run by the Juugoya Cooperative.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

Jiyuu IV

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Pending Establishment, Under Exploration.
  • Population: 3,000 researchers
  • Other uses:

Jiyuu IV is less hospitable than Jiyuu III but inhabitable. Large rocky continents spanned the globe, its temperate zones recovering from very recent glaciations and the fauna was reduced to that of tundra in the northern most regions. The equatorial zone boasted large lush rainforests, and nearly continually affected by the strong effects of low pressure. Its mountainous areas no doubt mineral rich and very attractive to those willing to do the work to utilize such natural resources.

Jiyuu V

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Point Pine, Mount Borealis, Polar Jewel
  • Population: 55,342
  • Other uses:

A planet of primarily dense coniferous forestation in areas not covered by the heavy glaciation that covers nearly 84% of the surface. It has a breathable atmosphere, moderately available resources and for the most part is locked in an ice age likely caused by a lengthy period of vulcanization which projected heavy amounts of ash into the atmosphere.

Although at one point the planet supported a thriving population, it was evacuated in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, and temporarily occupied by the NMX.

It was reoccupied by the Tenth Standard Fleet, who claimed its capital city along the ocean, Polar Jewel, as its primary base and began construction of a Frontier Starport.

Jiyuu VI

  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Colonies: Gravitational Research Facility
  • Population: 0
  • Other uses: Gravitational Effect Testing

Jiyuu VI is an oddity in space. A super-massive planet with gases oddly resistant to combustion, it would have become a star had it been made of different materials. It spins at a very fast speed, stretching the planet's diameter to 150% of its pole-to-pole distance.

Due to its massive gravity, it has no moons. However, it does have a orbital facility dedicated to researching the effects of high gravity over prolonged periods of time on materials and systems. The facility is long abandoned.

Jiyuu VII

  • Type: Gas Giant

This particular gas giant is a fairly typical version of its kind, except it has a retrograde orbit. It has three tiny rings, and a massive number of captured asteroids in orbit, which differ in altitude, angle, and level or degradation.

Exploration is still on-going, though the planet seems to be made of more traditional materials than Jiyuu VI.

Jiyuu VIII ☄️

  • Type: Ice Dwarf
  • Other uses: Water Mining

Jiyuu VIII has an orbit outside of the stellar plane, indicating that it either collided with something centuries ago which altered its orbit, or is actually a massive comet which was manipulated by Jiyuu VII's gravitational field. The latter is deemed more likely.

It is used as a water source, automatic mining systems running to obtain the liquid of life.

Proxima Jiyuu

Distant Twin Star. Proxima is a distant stellar body roughly 10,000 AU from Jiyuu's central sun.

  • Type: M6 V Red Dwarf
  • Radius: 2.78 x 105 km (0.40 x sol)
  • Mass: 5.95 x 1029 kg (0.30 x sol)
  • Temperature: 2500 K
  • Luminosity: 1.43 x 1025 W (0.04 x sol)

A vital piece of infrastructure, the Jiyuu Stellar Siphon System array draws energy for the system-wide power grid from this companion star.


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