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Kotoku System

Kotoku is a sparsely inhabited system once claimed by the United Outer Colonies. It is currently part of the Yamatai Star Empire (since YE 39). Before that, it was part of the Lorath Matriarchy beginning in YE 36.

It contains one habitable terrestrial system, Kotoku I.

It contains one Harbor class trade station called Gateway. This station was purchased and installed in the year YE 34 after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War ended.

About And History

Rich in rare metals as well as Nickel and Aluminum, this is the prospector's dream.

Kotoku was first colonized in YE 34 by Glynvalur Starhearth as a way-station and refueling dump for Space Truckers as port of call.

In YE 34 the Second Mishhuvurthyar War ended and the NMX withdrew from the Kikyo Sector.

Some Lorath settlers moved into Kotoku in YE 35.

Kotoku officially became part of the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 36 as part of negotiations for a peace treaty 1).

In 4月 27日 YE 39 the Lorath Matriarchy disappeared, abandoning the system.

With a large number of displaced Helashio “free” from the guidance of the Lorath Matriarchy, Many female Helashio immigrated to Kotoku I, hearing of a promised land offering safety, security, and prosperity. A large influx of settlers, comprised of Jiyuu, Helashio, and even a few Lorath, to the Kotoku system as a whole as well as to Kotoku I's single organized colony, Jazera, necessitated the instatement of a Duke to the system. The man chosen was both the oldest being in the system as well as the first inhabitant, Glynvalur Starhearth.

The New Dukedom

Of Diners and Dukes

With the elevation of Glynvalur Starhearth to the position of Duke of Kotoku, a whole host of needs, which Glynvalur never felt the need to do, suddenly became the most important of issues. Once, his truck stop and diner were his life. The companionship of talking to the space cowboys and truckers over the subspace radio was now eclipsed by petitions from his subjects filling his inbox. As well as the day to day operations of his station, Glynvalar was under pressure to marry, to secure a future for his now adopted people. All three communities wished for security and feared the others would gain favor by marrying their most beautiful and intelligent young women to the duke.

The Taming of the Shrews

Strife began between the three communities, all sandwiched together on the banks of Veľký soľný oceán. First simple street violence, then organized hate crimes. Wishing bring peace and integration to his people and to avoid the intrigue in the royal court, the small Lorath cult, the first true settlers to Kotoku, had provided the ultimate cure for his problems. Glynvalur would convert to this new Lorath religion, cementing his rule as well as providing a north for the Moral compass of the settlement. Along with becoming integrated with the people, He would take three wives, one from each community. This mollified the citizens of Kotoku I, who now felt the duke would hear their needs. Overnight, the people of Kotoku were now one people, unified in thought. The Lorath regained the respect of the community, the Helashio regained their place in the community, and the Jiyuu had reclaimed their moral compass. This lead to a personal cost. Glynvalur, abandoning his familial religion, worship, and moral values, lead to his familial rejection. His family does not accept his marriages and have declared they will not accept any children born of such unions.

Scientific Data

Star Data

The Kotoku System is a binary star system with an orange main sequence orbited by a red dwarf. Kotoku Prime is affectionately known as Father Kotoku.

  • K8 V Orange Main Sequence
  • Radius 6.34 x 105 km (0.91 x sol)
  • Mass 1.65 x 1030 kg (0.83 x sol)
  • Temperature 3600 K
  • Luminosity 1.94 x 1026 W (0.51 x sol)

Close Companion

This small star orbits the Kotoku main star, titled Kotoku Secunda. Kotoku Secunda is affectionately known as Mother Kotoku.

  • M9 V Red Dwarf
  • Distance 2.77 x 107 km (0.19 AU)
  • Radius 3.00 x 105 km (0.43 x sol)
  • Mass 7.44 x 1029 kg (0.37 x sol)
  • Temperature 2100 K
  • Luminosity 1.69 x 1025 W (0.04 x sol)

Kotoku I

Kotoku I, called by locals Bezpečnosť, is the only habitable planet in the Kotoku system. Kotoku I is a cool terrestrial world in the Kotoku System and is the smallest population center in the Yugumo Cluster region of space.

As the Settlement of Kotoku is new and lacking any political pull, Kotoku I is rarely patrolled by the Star Army of Yamatai. Kotoku I is nominally ruled by Glynvalur Starhearth. Settlement began as a splinter group of Lorath settling on the planet after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Over time, other settlers, such as Helashio and Jiyuu, also came to reside in Veľké Mesto Soľného Jazera, or Jazera for short, and is the main settlement on Kotoku I. The result is a planet diverse in population cohabiting in a single settlement.

  • Cool Terrestrial World
  • Orbital Radius 1.06 x 108 km (0.71 AU)
  • Period 4.76 x 103 hours (0.54 earth years)
  • Physics Standard iron/silicate
  • Gravity 11.13 m/s2 (1.14 x earth)
  • Hydrosphere 23 % water, 15 % ice
  • Atmosphere Thin breathable
  • Biosphere Microbes
  • Advanced alien artifact (Ancient space laboratory complex with large stocks of various chemicals and testing chambers for creation and study of life forms. About 500 years old.)

Kotoku II

Known as Druhy, or the second, by the locals. This Planet is home to most of the miners in the system. Each staking their lives and fortune on a plot of land, prospecting and tagging deposits of minerals for extraction and sale. This planet with the moniker, Kotoku II, is a rocky planet with a gravity a little below one standard gravity. It has planetary rings.

  • Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius 1.80 x 108 km (1.20 AU)
  • Period 1.05 x 104 hours (1.21 earth years)
  • Gravity 7.17 m/s2 (0.73 x earth)
  • Planetary rings

Kotoku III

Known as Tretia, or the third, by the locals. Some miners have staked on this planet, though most do so near the trade station. Set up recently to harvest the product created by the Artifact, some interests have take note of the inexpensiveness of the sale of war materials from Kotoku. This planet with the moniker, Kotoku III, is a rocky planet with a gravity a little below one standard gravity.

  • Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius 2.78 x 108 km (1.86 AU)
  • Period 2.02 x 104 hours (2.32 earth years)
  • Gravity 7.86 m/s2 (0.80 x earth)
  • Special Advanced alien artifact (500-year old automated mining facility that was creating huge amounts of mass driver bullets), electromagnetic storms

Kotoku IV

Known as Stvrtý, or the fourth, by the locals. Largely unexplored, only a few prospectors venture out this far. Claimed by the duke, this planet only contains a small outpost near the alien artifact. This planet with the moniker, Kotoku IV, is a rocky planet with a gravity a little below one standard gravity. It has five small moons.

  • Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius 5.44 x 108 km (3.64 AU)
  • Period 5.53 x 104 hours (6.32 earth years)
  • Gravity 7.48 m/s2 (0.76 x earth)
  • Special 5 small moons, advanced alien artifact (large hyperspace monitoring system, about 500 years old, detects incoming vessels within 10 light-years )

Kotoku Belt

Known as Otec je opasok, or Father's Belt, by the locals. This region of space, as the name implies, is characterized by a thick, wide, belt of asteroids and is densely populated by many micro asteroids. Father's Belt is frequently used to punish the unwary or foolish. In space this is no different. Due to a lack of Jovian planets in the system, This belt is one of the most treacherous regions to navigate in the Yugumo Cluster. This natural moat ensured a certain amount of isolation from the greater universe. One larger asteroid exists, along the inner edge of the belt. This is known as Matka má milosť, or Mother's Mercy. Here is located the Duke's station, Gateway.

  • Asteroid Belt
  • Orbital Radius 1.03 x 109 km (6.91 AU)
  • Period 1.45 x 105 hours (16.56 earth years)

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