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System R-3 "Little Star"

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Little Star is a system in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, a relatively young colony whose only habitable planet is relatively dull compared to its sisters bursting at the seams with resources. The titular star itself is a young white dwarf which holds court with five planets and a thick asteroid belt.

System description

Sun Type White Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 1 Terrestrial, 2 Solar Satellites, 2 Gas Giants, Asteroid Belt
Order Bagel Rock, Labyrinth, Kyle, Little Rock, Asteroid Belt, John
Current Occupants Nepleslians

Planetary Information

Solar Satellite 'Bagel Rock'

The first planet around Little Star is simply known as 'LS-1', and sometimes colloquially referred to as 'Bagel Rock'. It is primarily composed of tungsten, though boiling pools of mercury dot its surface. LS-1 has no atmosphere, and is too close to the sun to be safely mined.

Solar Satellite 'Labyrinth'

The second planet, LS-2, is often called 'Labyrinth'. It is not a habitable planet in the strictest sense of the word, having no soil with which to grow crops and no wildlife to feed upon. However, Labyrinth does have a breathable atmosphere for Nepleslians. Extended habitation of Labyrinth will eventually convert the atmosphere to carbon-dioxide if no plants or water are brought to the surface of this small planet which seems to be made entirely from stone. Fortunately, it is rarely visited by anyone except for intrepid spelunkers who enjoy exploring the elaborate system of natural tunnels, caves, and caverns snaking their way through the dead rock.

Gas Giant 'Kyle'

A gas giant named 'Kyle' is the third planet in the Little Star system. It is a cold hydrogen-rich gas giant with surprisingly little volume for its horrendous mass thanks to an incredibly dense core. Poor private ship-owners and mining start-ups often go skimming for hydrogen on Kyle, making a quick and easy profit with low initial investment.

Terrestrial World 'Little Rock'

The only truly habitable planet in the Little Star system is Little Rock. Little rock is a very large, barren world with a very low core density. Its land masses are cut across by a web of deep rivers rushing towards the the planet's poles, though the planet itself has no oceans to speak of. On land, the geography of the planet resembles plains with tall grass and herd animals thriving– though almost no trees to speak of. The capitol city of Little Rock and the seat of the Little Star system is Remo. Though a few raw materials and food products are exported from the prairie planet, the most famous export since the establishment of the colony is adult films. Remo has quickly risen to popularity for the production of vast quantities of adult film from all ranges of depravity. Unlike the established studios, Remonian start-ups didn't have an existing stable of actors and actresses to choose from and the new talent available thanks to DATASS gave the new studios access to genuine Nekovalkyrja preformers and curious Lorath expats looking to make a quick buck in the new worlds. These new preformers and the combined imagination of every filthy adult gilm producer looking for a place to build his country retreat have created a wave of new videos that've surged in popularity since their introduction into the market.

Gas Giant 'John'

On the other side of the system's expansive asteroid belt lies the system's other gas giant, 'John'. John is almost constantly orbited by a Freespacer Mothership, with small craft darting back and forth from the planet's gaseous form to retrieve the heavy boron asteroids that are often caught in the planet's gravity. This boron is then sold at bulk discount to any passing ship who will answer hails. This particular Mothership has gotten so used to mining and processing boron that it has developed new and more efficient techniques for harvesting the element– which it plans to spread over Polysentience for the benefit of the entire Freespacer race.

OOC Notes

Lamb was here, and he saw it through.

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