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Mitsuya System

The Mitsuya system is one of the Western Fringe systems, just inside of the old Southern Fleets Territorial divider line. Approximately 10 LY from Jiyuu System, it is located relatively close to the Yugumo cluster, and is quite diverse in terrain.

Its name means “three arrows” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).


  • In YE 32, Mitsuya fell to the NMX 17th Fleet. Due to its proximity to the UOC core, the NMX did not stay to hold it. See: The Fate of Mitsuya.
  • In YE 33, the Second Battle of Mitsuya took place that pitted Task Force Torch against an ambush by a large NMX Fleet

Second Battle of Mitsuya

Although the Yamataian Star Empire wasn't intent on taking Mitsuya, their reason was to investigate for an NMX presence and check for survivors.

In YE 33, the YSS Eucharis was assigned the role of entering UOC space to ascertain what has happened to the people there since the communications black out and to make contact with the government. They were supported by Task Force Torch

The task force arrived in a staggered three waves, the first consisting of gunships and scouts. The second was comprised of the capital ships and their escorts, with the third comprising the remainder. Upon arrival, scout ships attached to the task force initiated a local patrol of the area but found no signs of enemy activity.

The Eucharis entered a low orbit and began its descent into the atmosphere, where a team was prepared for a ground operation. What should've been a simple, quick operation would soon turn bloody, as the ship exited the clouds they saw that the colony was left in craters with only a few shelters remaining. Radiation levels were high, thus making it dangerous for anyone not in a Nekovalkyria body to be in the area.

Along with the colony site, the Eucharis also picked up an unknown ship that had crash landed on the planet. As the Eucharis ground teams were in the process of opening up a bunker that they had discovered, an NMX scout arrived in system but stayed only for a short while before it jumped out, denying the Yamataian Task Force of an intersection.

This brief lull in peace would last for only awhile however, as a combined force of SMX and NMX warships appeared comprising a total of a hundred and forty ships. As the ships moved toward Mitsuya, they launched landing craft toward the UOC Colony and unknown ship crash site.

It wasn't long before a battle erupted in orbit, with the Yamataian task force outnumbered over three to one. In the opening battle the science vessel attached to the group was targeted first and sent ablaze into the planets atmosphere, raining down debris and molten metal throughout the area, where the ship crashed within a short distance of the Eucharis landing team and the crash site, which had been confirmed earlier as being a slaver site.

This particular slave ship was half buried in the snow, with its rear end sticking up in the air. A group of slaves, comprised of Jiyuuians, Nepleslians and Yamataians, were in the process of setting up camp while their slave masters overlooked their progress.

As the battle above continued, the battle below was being well managed by the landing party. The teams Tasha opened fire on a group of enemy vehicles as the team was coming out of the bunker, scoring several direct hits as Yamataian soldiers returned fire, further diminishing the attacking force.

In orbit, most of the ships comprising the task force were forced into close quarters confrontation, with one Yamataian vessel that was forced to self destruct in order to avoid capture by NMX Boarding parties. The majority of the force's Plumeria class gunships were destroyed in the opening minutes of the battle, and the enemy turned its attention toward the other ships comprising the fleet.

Before long the slavers were engaged in this battle as well when an NMX soldier dropped a container that housed parasites, these parasites burst out and started running through both slaves and slavers alike, indiscriminately targeting whomever was in their path. No Yamataian soldiers were injured in this bout, but an NMX landing ship was destroyed as it attempted to drop off more enemy forces.

The battle continued, with the YSS Eucharis suffering considerable damage, including the lose of its bridge and armor bay. As soldiers and civilians alike boarded the damaged ship, the NMX continued to rain down fire from above, with the majority of the task force either destroyed or cripple and on the verge of an outbound jump.

When the Eucharis lifted off the planet, it sped out of system, leading what remained of the Task Force back to their home port. This battle resulted in the lose of nearly fourteen vessels, almost half of the task force's original numbers and thousands of soldiers that crewed them.

Statistical Information on the Mitsuya System

System: Motoyoshi-K-102 System Name: Mitsuya

Star:(1) Orange Dwarf Star Name: Jiyuu Type: K (Spectral Class) Surface Temperature: 4,500 K Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun): 0.8 Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun):0.8 Yerkes Luminosity: Type V

Number of Planets: 5


Mitsuya I

  • Type: Volcanic Planet
  • Colonies: None
  • Other uses: Lava Mining

Mitsuya I is so close to the main star that the combination of heat and tidal forces make it a very tectonically active world, and highly volcanic. Its crust is very thin, and always jutted with lines varying in levels of luminosity, depending on the cooling of the rock.

Special mining systems are able to pump the lava from the planet's deep mantle and process it into metals, but these are largely automated sites, due to the lack of atmosphere and insane heat.

Mitsuya II (Mitsuya)

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Kioku no Seijin (Memory of Seijin)
  • Population: Formerly 7,500 military personnel (taken by NMX forces).
  • Other uses: Former Military Base
  • Moons: Mitsuya IIa

In YE 35 the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) deployed a Ke-P6-01a Bisen Lighthouse on the surface of the planet at the request of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Mitsuya III

  • Type: Water Planet
  • Other uses: Water harvesting, Seafood Farming
  • Moons: Mitsuya IIIa and IIIb

Mitsuya IV

  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Other uses: Exploration Ongoing
  • Moons: Mitsuya IVa through IVg

This particular planet is a methane giant, a blue green with massive rings. Other than this, not much is yet known.

Mitsuya V

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Other uses: Exploration Ongoing

This world seems to have been a large moon of Mitsuya IV, large enough to be considered a planet, but knocked free by violent asteroid collisions into a higher orbit. It does have tectonics, but they are slow and lethargic compared to eras past, tidal forces and temperatures minimal. Oceans of solid ice separate continents, the water having come from the asteroids which collided with the young planet. It seems to also have a high degree of oxygen, though its atmosphere is extremely cold.

While unable to sustain life in its current state, a satellite giving artificial sunlight and initiating tidal forces may make it inhabitable in the future.

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