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Miyamae System

Roughly 30ly from Jiyuu System, the Miyamae system is currently on the galactic rim for most of known space, in the galactic east. It was part of Region Three in the Government of the United Outer Colonies and was annexed by the YSE when the UOC fell. It became part of the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 36.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed global communications networks of Emrys Satellites into orbit of all of the system's worlds in YE 36. These were left for the Lorath to use when the system changed hands later that year.

Statistical Information on the Miyamae System

System Name: Miyamae

Star:(1) Orange Main Sequence
Star Name: Miyamae
Type: G
Surface Temperature: 3800 K
Average Mass (Compared to Yamatai Standard): 0.73
Radius (Compared to Yamatai Standard): 0.87

Number of Planets: 3


Miyamae I

  • Type: Rock Planet

Orbital Radius: 0.43 AU
Period: 0.33

A harsh, hot rock planet. No known uses.

Miyamae (II)

* Type: Terrestrial Planet

  • Colonies: Fritztown
  • Population: 120,000 civilians
  • Other uses: System Capital
  • Moons: None
  • Year: .66 YE

With a cool climate that averages about 15 degrees celcius, Miyamae is home to many types of farming community, which is the chief export of this habitable planet. There is one star port around the largest city of the planet, Fritztown.

Miyamae (III)

  • Type: Ice Planet
  • Radius: 4.17AU
  • Other uses: Possible location for military starbase
  • Moons: Large ice/rock moon
  • Year: 9.98 YE
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