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Miyamae System

The Miyamae System is to the galactic south of the Tange System and the Misato's Passage. It is also close to the Ayumi Nebula.

The Miyamae System is Independent as of YE 43.


Miyamae's System Flag.

History and Background

The Miyamae System was named after the Miyamae tributary of the Motoyoshi Clan, a notable member of which is Miyamae Eriko. The system was discovered and first mapped by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 29. Like most systems in the region, in YE 30 it joined the United Outer Colonies. Although it was a colonized system Miyamae remained remote and separated from the rest of the colonies.

In YE 30, the UCS Zenpyou visited the system when the Miyamae II colony reported problems with a group of outlaws and pirates referred to as the Barras Family. The outcome of their involvement in the incident led to a strain on the relations between the United Outer Colonies and the local colonial government. 1).

When the United Outer Colonies fell to the NMX in YE 34, the Miyamae System was left to its own devices until it was claimed by the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 36. Similar to the United Outer Colonies, the Lorath Matriarchy failed to develop the Miyamae System at all, the farmers in the colonies of the second and third planet made their own way and sold their goods on the Independent markets without any notice of what flag flew over their heads. The Lorath Matriarchy control ended with Project Checkout in YE 39.

In YE 39 control of the system once again was turned over to the Yamatai Star Empire. Once again the inhabitants of the colonies in the Miyamae System failed to see any difference in which nation had control over them. The planet was then occupied by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia in YE 42 and was claimed as a holding of Baron Gello Kordoon. The farmers on the planet continued to do as they had done under all the other flags before the invasion, so life didn't change.

In YE 43, the Kuvexian Military officially abandoned the planet, but many Kuvexian smugglers and privateers remained behind on the planets. The ISS Asagiri also visited the second planet, under the command of Kaieda Auda who offered the trade of pornography and exotic liquor in exchange for information about the whereabouts of two members of the Tange Clan in association with Motoyoshi Kiyoko. A Kuvexian smuggler was found dead a short time after the ship's departure.2)

The Keiyล Expeditionary Strike Group liberated the space of the system, however, at the request of the colonists they left the neutral-declared Kuvexian smugglers and privateers on the planet. The system would remain independent after its liberation.


The Miyamae Star

The Heart of the Miyamae System.

The Miyamae Star
System Registry Miyamae-2-462
Star Name Miyamae
Type G (Spectral Class)
Surface Temperature 3,800 K
Average Mass (Yamatai Comparison) 0.87
Number of Planets 3

Miyamae I

Miyamae I is a hot, rocky planet with little value for any kind of mining or other operations.

Miyamae II

An agricultural world that welcomes Independent groups. It is common to find pirates like the Bothuturtha Pirates in the colonial capital of Fritztown. The people there are resistant to the formation of any government and have found success in their independence.

Miyamae III

A rocky ice planet that is relatively unexplored as of YE 43.


The people of Miyamae come from a variety of different places and backgrounds. The population is a mix of Minkan, Lorath, and Kuvexian. They tend to be on the rough side, as the planets are officially lawless and a frequent stop for pirates. The farmers often sell their goods in the public markets of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector of the Yamatai Star Empire and free Independent markets.


The Characters that are located here:3)

Nothing found

Roleplay Opportunities

  • A great place or stopping place in an Independent plot.
  • Look for some action fighting pirates.
  • Have a shady meeting or encounter.


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