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Nataria System

Nataria is a core system of the Yamatai Star Empire and a hub of the Star Army of Yamatai. It has one major habitable planet, Planet Nataria. It was the site of the First Battle of Nataria, which was the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and the Second Battle of Nataria, which heralded the war's end.

Planet Nataria as seen from space

Nataria is sometimes called “the Nekovalkyrja homeworld” because it is their primary place of creation and the nexus of their creator, the Star Army of Yamatai. It is the second most heavily defended planet in the empire, following Yamatai (Planet), possessing a global shield system that can deflect or absorb damage from large relativistic projectiles going at significant fractions of the speed of light, automated defensive platforms, extensive sensor networks, and a substantial garrison.


About the Nataria System

Nataria is one of the ‘Warmaster’ star systems (the others being Anisa and Tatiana). The system consists of a series of four gas giants followed by an asteroid belt, followed in turn by five planets. Of these Nataria is the furthest from the sun; despite residing only roughly 1 AU from the systems star, the others reside closer. Of these, two do not rotate along the same plane as the rest of the planets, traveling roughly 45 degrees and 70 degrees relative to the other planets.

System Flag

The flag features an overlay of the Yamataian Star Empire's flag, including the traditional blue background and the newer bellflower rondel. The red and white sun rays are based on the Star Army of Yamatai's historic ensign and represent Nataria's link to the military; most of the planet's population is comprised of soldiers, as this world is the hub of the Star Army. The red represents war. The white represents honor.

Flag of Nataria, textured Flag of Nataria

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