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Nyli System

This system's planets have been rendered into Zesuaium spheres and cannot sustain life.

The Nyli system is located in the Yugumo Cluster, a group of systems discovered during the Yugumo project; a Fifth Expeditionary Fleet effort to locate and secure a new system from which to base its operations following the destruction of Taiie.

The Nyli system was scouted by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's forces, and was allocated to the Lorath refugees who had taken refuge with the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. The central Lorath settlement of the Nyli system is located on the third planet of the system. Terra forming efforts are planned for a majority of the planets and moons of the system, to make the best of what has been offered to the Lorath.

The Nyli system also seems to have been on the path of a large number of asteroids comprised of ice, which has resulted in a number of planets and moons which have had a layer of ice placed upon their surfaces. Additionally, there is an extensive asteroid field which surrounds the outer bounds of the system, a majority of the asteroids are comprised of various minerals, yet there remains a large number of water based asteroids which float in the field.

System Data

System Name: Nyli

Star: White Main Sequence Star Name: Cueh Type: F (Spectral Class) Surface Temperature: 6,000 K Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.5 Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun):1.1 Yerkes Luminosity: Type V Number of Planets: 7

Planetary Data

Nyli I

Terrain: Barren Atmosphere: Virtually non-existent Primary Composition: Nickel, Iron Moons: None Distance From Star: .25 AU

Notable Features


Nyli II

Terrain: Aquatic Atmosphere: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Primary Composition: Iron, silver Moons: One barren moon, one volcanic Distance From Star: .90 AU

Notable Features

99% of Nyli II is covered in water.

Nyli II has a rather abundant amount of aquatic life, including various forms of fish, aquatic ma malls, and crustaceans.

There are several 'Dead Zones' disbursed throughout the planet, these dead zones are caused by excessive amounts of silver in the water of the region. The excess silver results in an absence of bacteria and other small organisms, thus preventing the establishment of a stable biosphere. Structol has been added to recover the silva, producing fields of pyrite that are recovered to restore the eco-system.

Nekovalkryja scouts have noted this planet as “Delicious looking” due to the extensive aquatic life which has been detected in the planet's waters.

Nyli III

Terrain: Mixed Terrain (Earth like) Atmosphere: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Primary Composition: Iron, nickel, silica Moons: Four; Barren, Barren, Aquatic/Ice, Volcanic Distance From Star: 1.3 AU

Notable Features

Nyli III has been selected as the primary Lorath refugee settlement.

Nyli III's terrain consists of two ice caps, jungles on the planet's equator, minimal desert terrain, light to dense forests, vast gently hilled plains, and 55% of the planet's surface is water.

The planet seems to be in the early stages of biological growth, thus there are few species present. The species present are primarily; reptilian, aquatic, insect, and micro organism based life, thus making the planet a prime candidate for introduction of Lor based animals.

The planet consists of two primary continents, and various island chains.

Temperatures in the northern and southern ice cap areas of the planet often remain between -30 degrees Celsius and -1 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in areas between the ice caps and equator tend to remain between 0 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in areas on or near the equator tend to remain between 15 degrees Celsius and 48 degrees Celsius.

The volcanic moon of Nyli III has large quantities of exploitable mineral deposits, and large quantities of valuable minerals which remain in a liquid state.

Nyli IV

Terrain: Ice Atmosphere: Faint traces of oxygen and hydrogen. Primary Composition: Iron, nickel,Frozen H20 Moons: Four moons, each frozen over with water. Distance From Star: 1.9 AU

Notable Features

The planet and moons of Nyli IV are entirely covered with frozen water, both the planet and moons seem to have sustained impacts from frozen asteroids which consisted primarily of water.

Due to the frozen water, the planet and moons of Nyli IV are prime candidates for terraforming efforts.

Nyli V

Terrain: Volcanic Atmosphere: Carbon-dioxide, Carbon-monoxide, trace vapors of various minerals, oxygen. Primary Composition: Iron, nickel, titanium, various heavy metals Moons: Two moons, both terrestrial with toxic atmospheres. Distance From Star: 2.5 AU

Notable Features

Nyli V's surface temperature seems to primarily be kept at above boiling point due to the volatile core of the planet.

Nyli VI

Terrain: Gas Giant Atmosphere: Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide,. Primary Composition: Various heavy metal core Moons: Seven moons, Two toxic, one methane ice, two ice with various toxic compounds, two barren. Distance From Star: 3 AU

Notable Features

None at this time.

Nyli VII

Terrain: Gas Giant Atmosphere: Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide, Methane, various heavy metal core. Primary Composition: Nickel core, various other metals. Moons: 8 Moons, two volcanic, four barren, two ice covered Distance From Star: 3.5 AU

Notable Features

Nyli VII is a ringed gas giant, which has a mineral core which is comprised of various materials, including various crystalline deposits.

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