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Located in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Porpoise system is named so for its ocean worlds and abundance of sea life.

More about the System

System description

Sun Type Yellow Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 2 Terrestial, 3 Gas Giant, 1 Asteroid Belts
Current Occupants Nepleslians, Jiyuuians
Pryedain Two Continents, Numerous small islands, Three Oceans, Frozen glaciers at either poles.
Radius 5674.08 km
Surface Area 480,072,000 km2
Land Area 98,440,320 km2
Mass 5073600000000000000000000 kg
Density 5.38 g/cm3
Gravity 1.22 G
Composition 20.8% iron, 32.7% oxygen, 3.25% nickel, 18.6% silicon, 13.6% other metals, trace other elements

There is only one habitable terrestrial planet, Pryedain. It is roughly the same size as Nepleslia Prime but is roughly 70% water. Its landmasses are divided into hundreds of small islands most of which have not been explored. There is an abundance of sea life and the salt-water can be desalinated to be drinkable, making life on Pryedain very comfortable.

There is one other planet in system designated Vyedain. But little to no information is known on the planet and it is considered inhospitible due to its extreme proximity to the systems sun.

More about Porpoise

Most of the Nepleslians who have settled in Pryedain are sailors or farmers. The fishing and farming industries have taken off in Pryedain, making it one of Nepleslia's main sources of food. Transportation and interstellar commerce are another two industries that are rapidly growing on Pryedain thanks to the sudden influx of Jiyuuian refugees from the collapse of the former UOC. Some of these refugees have begun their own farms and businesses or joined existing ones. Many of them are have settled in as fishermen or oddly enough sushi and hibachi cooks and chefs to serve authentic yamatain style sushi to tourists that often visit what could be largely considered a Beach World. This is not to say that all the jiyuu have taken this lifestyle, As some find work wherever possible or live a simple self sufficient life in small jiyuu communities on some of its islands.

Pryedain's inhabitants, both Nepleslian and Jiyuuian, can be said to be loyal to the Democratic Imperium. Many Nepleslians who migrated to the system were Green sympathizers, lured to the planet through heavy colonial advertising and incentives offered by the Nepleslian government after the civil war. Jiyuuians present on Pryedain generally come from Tange and feel that they owe their lives to the Nepleslian government which rescued them from an overwhelming NMX invasion. They are also very grateful for the opportunity to preserve their culture and traditions , working it into the greater tapestry of Nepleslia. This has the explicit support of the Nepleslia authorities, who have campaigned and fundraised for the Jiyuuians.


Nepleslian (60%), Jiyuu (30%), IDSOL, Mutant, Greshin, Other (10%)

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