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System "Port Hope"

System description

Sun Type Red Dwarf
Celestial Bodies Asteroid Belts Only
Current Occupants Various Freespacer Sub-Cadres

Little more than one large space station and a collection of small mining colonies, Port Hope's chief importance is that of it's location, sitting near the Yamatai border and the old worlds of the Free State, yet itself sitting within protected Nepleslian space. See; The Freespacer Genocide.

Sometimes known as 'the back yard' in modern times, it continues to serve as a relay point and meeting place for independently roaming Freespacers. In YE 38, a military manufacturing base was created by the Viridian Array on the tiny asteroid known as PH-417b, but they have had considerable problems in gaining a foothold because of repeated cyber attacks.

The exact population and theoretical armaments contained within are unknown, constantly shifting, with no one central power interested in recording it. Even the space station itself seems to be maintained purely by obsessive type twos 'doing their own thing'… Needless to say, deals struck here, far away from any form of prying eyes, are often the dubious kind.

Port Hope Space Colony

β€œThe main space station of the backwater system was a mostly bare silver affair, through the dull crimson light of the red dwarf star made it glimmer in several additional shades of orange and pink quite spectacularly. About a mile long and the shape of spindly dumbbell, both of the large habitation rings counter-rotated, providing an age-old source of gravity to the massive relic. That did not stop them from ignoring the unstable orbit for several centuries, which had now pitched the entire structure on an odd angle compared to the surrounding disk of dusty white asteroids. Large patches of rust and white graffiti were visible as Druid Vista Five-One approached the fantastically huge docking ring, but one could say those features were what made it an especially Deoradh locale.”

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