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Sbuhfaba is a star system located in sector grid 1109. It is near Bufarks.


In YE 29, the crew of the YSS Sakura was held at an abandoned ice/water processing facility and military base on an icy planet in this system, where they discovered a Mishhuvurthyar breeding center and a vast number of parasites used to create β€œzombies” from them (YSS Sakura Mission 8 Part 2: Frozen Blood).

Facility Map

In YE 30, Sbuhfaba was released to the Yamatai Star Empire's control as part of the Intergalactic Armistice Agreement of YE 30 (IAA) signed at the International Relations Conference of YE 30.

In YE 31, the Nepleslian Reds quietly moved into this neglected Yamataian Star System and restored the old Mishhuvurthyar shipyard there into operating condition. However, by the end of the year they had been driven out by the NMX. The 11th Squadron attempted to scuttle the shipyards before they fell into NMX hands but were not successful.

In YE 32, the YSS Eucharis crew infiltrated the main shipyard complex and disabled its shield systems, allowing the First Expeditionary Fleet to launch a devastating surprise attack that wiped out the NMX assets in the system (YSS Eucharis Mission 9.1: Tip Of The Spear [Battle of Sbuhfaba]).

In YE 37, the YSS Eucharis encountered a Rixxikor colony ship near Sbuhfaba and boarded it to obtain information about a Kuvexian military base.

In YE 41, during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41 (part of the Kuvexian War), this star system fell under the control of the forces of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia.

System Information

Red Giant - 20 Planets - Mineral Rich

  • 9 Gas Giants
  • 8 Large Planets with several moons each
  • 3 Mid-size planets, one with a methane/oxygen atmosphere and ice climate
  • Extremely thick asteroid belts
  • Mishhuvurthyar mining colonies were common in this system in the First Mishhuvurthyar War.
  • Black Spiral once maintained a base in this system.
  • A Mishhuvurthyar-built shipyard was in this system but it was destroyed in YE 32 by the First Expeditionary Fleet (YSS Eucharis: Mission 9.1)
Map Locations
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