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System R-2 Shinjiyuu

Located in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Shinjiyuu system was named by its colonists as a planet for the refugees from the UOC to expand into. Following The Evacuation of the Tange System, Nepleslia's Porpoise system found itself as the new home for the refugees. While many were able to create a new life and settle down there, establishing a permanent community, others were unable to find a niche. This was partly because the local economy could not handle the dramatic influx. Added to the immigration of Jiyuuians from other countries looking to reunite with family members, the government of Pryedain petitioned for a new colonial effort on behalf of the Jiyuuians. The result was the R-2 system, discovered by the NSS Hops, and subsequently opened for colonization in YE 36. While available to everyone, the majority of colonists are Jiyuuians who named the planet after their lost capital.

System description

Sun Type Yellow Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 1 Terrestial with 2 satellite moons, 1 Gas Giant, 1 Asteroid Belt
Order Shinjiyuu orbited by Tenshi and Oni, Kami, Asteroid Belt
Current Occupants Jiyuuians, Nepleslians

There is only one habitable terrestrial planet, Shinjiyuu. It is larger than Nepleslia Prime but is roughly 60% water. It is divided into four continents, two of which are capable of sustaining life. The remaining two are larger ice shelves on the poles. The two continents(Ichi & San) are relatively mild and comfortable, save for the winter season which results in sharp, blustery winds and snowstorms. The capital, Momotoshi, was established on Ichi in YE 36.

The planet's moons are both barren, airless rocks. Plans are, however, are being discussed on how to develop one of the moons to attract tourism.

Survey work on the gas giant reveal that it is mostly methane and hydrogen.

Cultural Information

As the majority of the colonists are from Pryedain's Jiyuuian population, the architecture and atmosphere on the planet are atypical of a Nepleslian territory. It is more aesthetically designed and, while fully functional, far more pleasing to look at than the skyscrapers of Nepleslia.

Much of the land is given to crop farming, a necessity given the Jiyuuian staple of rice.

Political Information

Politically, Shinjiyuu is interesting. On paper, everyone is a Nepleslian citizen, however the reality is a bit more nebulous. While loyal and grateful to the Imperium, there are voices within the community who feel that they should re-establish a government and nation based upon the principles of the UOC. Others argue that it would be more productive to create a political party with those ideals and become part of the Nepleslian political process. The impact of a Nepleslia that supports the same philosophies as the former UOC, they argue, would be greater than the establishment of another single star system nation. For now, these are simply debates as the colony is funded partly by the Nepleslian government and the colonists have no immediate plans for independence.

In-system Assets

  • 1 Orbiting SMDIoN starbase with 32 starfighters
  • Roughly 400 NSN personnel total

Terrestrial World: Shinjiyuu


Type Two Continents, a few small islands, single ocean, Frozen glaciers at either poles.
Radius 6300 km
Surface Area 495,982,000 km2
Land Area 198,220,340 km2
Mass 5120900000000000000000000 kg
Density 5.48 g/cm3
Gravity 1.42 G
Composition 22% iron, 36% oxygen, 5% nickel, 15% silicon, 14% other metals, trace other elements


Climate Types Mild weather year round, save for winter season at the end of each year
Flora Density Present in coastal regions but few within the interiors; increases during rainy season
Fauna Density Heavy sea life, including fish and large predators; lots of birds and herbivores
Length of Day Twenty four hours, fifteen minutes
Average Temperature Temperature on the planet ranges from -25 to 30 degrees celsius depending on the season and location


The population is centered in the main town of Momotoshi with various farming settlements spread out around the town.

Capital Momotoshi
Demographics Jiyuuians (80%), Nepleslians, Geshrin, visiting aliens, NSN personnel
Surface Structures
  • 1 Large Town: Momotoshi (Pop.: 12,000)
  • Outlying farming settlements (Pop.:3200)
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