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Splrug is an backwater star system West of Kimirthro. It was held by the Mishhuvurthyar back in the First Mishhuvurthyar War, but neither Yamatai or Nepleslia took over after the Mishhuvurthyar forces left. Splrug has a mining operation on it and has become a quiet port of call for independent characters and black market smugglers.

Splrug has 8 planets, of which only one is really notable: Splrug IV.

Splrug IV

A planet covered with vast, deep oceans. A large axial tilt and a highly elliptical orbit make for extremes of temperature, driving a highly unpredictable and notoriously unpleasant weather system. The planet's only major landmass, a small continent in the northern hemisphere, features rocky terrain and several active volcanoes. No indigenous lifeforms exist here, and the only habitation is centered around small-scale Mishhuvurthyar civilian mining operations, which quietly remained when the First Mishhuvurthyar War ended. Because sentiment against the Mishhuvurthyar is still very negative, the minerals are sold via the black market with their origins concealed.

Because of the continued black market activity, Splrug IV's small starport has become a bit of a smuggler haven. It has a population of several dozen very rough workers who are good at keeping secrets. In addition the main landing area, it has a cargo mover mecha, good (fast) repair facilities, a starship-style medical lab, a small capsule hotel, and a small and an overpriced local market where imported goods and food are sold.

Overall the starport is decrepit, because the Mishhuvurthyar Government that built it is no longer around to maintain it. Much of it was damaged during the war and the repairs are shoddy. Security is abysmal and crime is common and local rules include volumetrics being prohibited. Sometimes pirates stop here to fix their ships.


Here are some NPCs that can be found hanging around on Splrug:

  1. Skreeshithhukarl is a barbaric forest green Mishhuvurthyar with glowing green eyes and a smooth-topped shell. Its tentacles are mainly of the traditional lance type variety with some muscle relaxant needles. It works as a skilled starship technician and was formerly a technician in the NMX.
  2. Kalakagurfskarl is a disturbing reddish Mishhuvurthyar with glowing green eyes and a line of spikes going down the centerline of its armored shell. Its tentacles are mainly of the traditional lance type variety with some tranqulizer needles. Its occupation: cook.
  3. Zarlshurhhurn is a spiteful orangish NMX Technician with glowing green eyes and a large rhinoceros-like horn on the front-center of its shell. It is equipped with traditional lance type and eyeball type tentacles. This Mishhuvurthyar is really good at making pickled foods.
  4. Renee Beltrain is a wilful Nepleslian with reddish brown French braided hair, light brown eyes, and a gorgeous face. Her solid-looking figure is dressed in a navy blue college sweatshirt, a turquoise pleated skirt and kitten heels. She has an SDI Water Filtration Device.
  5. You see a steely Nepleslian Mishhu-infected zombie who is threatening other people. He's wearing fishnet rave gear with flashing LEDs and a light undercover vest. He's got a light plasma autocannon and Emrys Industries Electromagnetic Manacles. Also A toy car, a cowboy hat, a lamp, a pail, and a package of glitter. He has purple hair and bloodshot eyes. He calls himself “Javier.”
  6. Chou Rou-Hsi: Female Technician. Chou has cyan hair and soft amber eyes, and a distinctive scar on her arm. She wears a grey suit and headphones, and has military cybernetic legs and a neural interface. Chou is secretive and cowardly.
  7. Ariah Howell: Female Smuggler. Ariah has messy auburn hair and hazel eyes. She wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a semi-automatic pistol. Ariah is thoughtless and callous.
  8. You see a scary Nepleslian “businessman” who is smiling broadly. He's wearing a business suit and Styrling Muur Armor. He's got a NovaCorp Peacekeeper Rifle and a Ze-J1 “Jimmy” Combat Robot with him. He has a pink mohawk and green eyes. He calls himself “Mr. Death.”
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