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This system is located just east of the Chen Nebula, it was explored by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) in YE 31. It was the first to be explored by an expedition led by the YSS Kotoba YX-C1-0005 as part of Project Kyasshu. It is the first in the series of SX Series Star Systems.

System SX-01 is a very old star system with the star well into the Red Giant stage. All of the inner planets have been consumed and all that remains are two hydrogen gas giants.

The Star Army of Yamatai has a major base in this system, Sugita Base. It is located on the largest moon orbiting the 2nd gas planet.

Star (Red Giant)

Heading Details
Type: M5 (Spectral Class)
Size: Ib
Stellar radii: 2073
Stellar mass: 20
Temp: 2,200 K
Image Red Giant

Planet 1 Gas Giant

Heading Details
Type: Large Hydrogen Gas Giant
Stellar radius: 307.4 AU
Planetary radius: 83,000 km
Length of year: 1,205.15 years ( 440,180.73 days)
Number of satellites: 1 ring
Image Gas Giant

Planet 2 (Gas Giant)

Heading Details
Type: Small Hydrogen Gas Giant
Stellar radius: 1,229.2 AU
Planetary radius: 36,000 km
Length of year: 9,636.49 years ( 3,519,727 days)
Number of satellites: 3 moons
Image Gas Giant

Two of the moons of this planet are just large chunks of dirty ice. The third moon is actually the size of a small planet (2,000 km radius). It has no atmosphere and no significant resources.

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