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⚠ WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

SX-11 is a star system north east of the Ketsurui Military Sector and just west of the Hanako Nebula. It was surveyed by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) in YE 35.


The YSS Nebula surveyed the system in YE 35 as part of the SSS Bisen Lighthouse Deployment as directed by the Star Army of Yamatai.

System Details

Star Data

Red Dwarf
Type M9 V Red Dwarf
Radius 2.79 x 105 km (0.40 x sol)
Mass 6.00 x 1029 kg (0.30 x sol)
Temperature 2100 K
Luminosity 1.67 x 1025 W (0.04 x sol)


SX-11 I
Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 2.44 x 107 km (0.16 AU)
Period 1.05 x 103 hours (0.12 earth years)
Physics Large iron/silicate
Gravity 11.51 m/s2 (1.18 x earth)
Hydrosphere 4 % water, 1 % ice
Atmosphere Standard reducing
Special 5 small moons
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Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 4.58 x 107 km (0.31 AU)
Period 2.70 x 103 hours (0.31 earth years)
Gravity 8.19 m/s2 (0.84 x earth)
Special Heavy volcanism, large moon
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