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Tange System

The Tange system is one of the farthest systems on the galactic frontier, and was notably one of the United Outer Colonies systems. It's roughly 25 light years from the Yugumo Cluster. It's located by traveling through Misato's Passage, and named after the prominent family.

It is currently under the control of the Yamatai Star Empire.


Tange was first colonized in YE 30 by the United Outer Colonies.

In YE 33, following a UOC-wide invasion by the NMX, the planet was attacked by sizeable NMX space and ground forces. The NMX quickly gained orbital superiority and landed several thousand mecha and infantry on the planet, resulting in widespread confusion and fighting between the UOC defenders and the NMX.

Several days following the initial invasion, the Nepleslian 4th AASP Fleet arrived and began a desperate evacuation mission of Tange's civilian and military population. Unfortunately the evacuation was cut short and the NMX gained complete control of the Tange system. The remaining population of hundreds of millions of people was enslaved and slaughtered.

In YE 34 the Second Mishhuvurthyar War ended and the NMX withdrew from the Kikyo Sector.

Some Lorath settlers moved into Tange in YE 351).

Tange officially became part of the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 36 as part of negotiations for a peace treaty2).

In YE 37, the LSDF Val'ta visited Tange to inspect if Misato City was safe to retake. After entering the system, the Val'ta sent out a series of probes to do a rudimentary scan of the star system and Tange IV's Misato City. They then sent down an away team to the city, which was largely deserted, and interacted with the handful of survivors they found.

In 4月 27日 YE 39 the Lorath Matriarchy disappeared, abandoning the system. After the Lorath exodus, the system was almost completely depopulated.

Days later on 4月 30日, the Star Army Intelligence ship YSS Kōkatsu conducted an operation in the Tange system.

In 6月 YE 39 the system became part of Asteria, which attracted a significant number of settlers seeking to stake their claim in the new nation, or to exploit the lack of oversight by Yamatai. Shortly thereafter, redek_dies was appointed as the Duke of the star system to oversee the restoration of the Tange system.

The New Dukedom

Duke Redak Di arrived in Tange in 7月 YE 39. The population not being close to that of the world's prime, still left some room for potential. The disparate fiefdoms and pirate holds that had formed lived a harsh existence. However he did already have a foothold on the world, as Gartagen soldiery lent to the then Admiral Morioka had come in after the evacuation and cleared out the world of NMX post-war holdouts. The troops then settled, forming a paramilitary enclave and reclaim one of the lost cities. The chilly world, harsh by Gartagen standards, became their new home. The local remnants of the population were boosted in number by a slow trickle of settlers, abandoned NMX solders, and other vagabonds. To Redak's surprise, the former NMX in the system took the request to swear fealty to the crown and were soon working with their former enemies in exchange for good pay and living conditions. Additional Fiefs and provinces soon swore fealty to the newly minted Duke. Some in the northern hemisphere of the world rejected this, and under the guise of diplomacy, launched a surprise attack on one of the Gartagen settlements initiating a very brief but bloody conflict. Rebel forces soon swore fealty to the Duke ending the week long rebellion.

Redak set to work fortifying his new world, and setting up a space going infrastructure. The settlements on the world were long standing. With new production ques in place, the world is set to begin producing its very first tithe of food, minerals, goods, and people for the Crown's use. Phase two of this reclamation and re colonization will see Redak and his new administration establishing a permanent orbital facility, space elevator and satellite net work. Planet side will see the deployment of machines to re-industrialize the world, and restoration of the Urban ruins on the world. As a kind of bonus, the Verdant moon of Tange IV remained largely ignored, and the native population has been most accommodating in this monumental task.

In YE 40, Asteria was nationalized into Yamatai and the Tange system reverted to direct Yamataian control again.

Statistical Information on the Tange System

System Name: Tange

Star:(1) Orange Main Sequence
Star Name: Tange
Type: G (Spectral Class)
Surface Temperature: 3500 K
Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.17
Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.02
Yerkes Luminosity: Type V

Number of Planets: 6


Tange I

  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Colonies: None
  • Other uses: Mining

Orbital Radius: 4.34 x 107 km (0.29 AU)
Period: 1.26 x 103 hours (0.14 YE)
Gravity: 14.39 m/s2 (1.47 x Yamatai)

The first planet in the system, this world is a harsh, inhospitable rocky planet with some mining applications but primarily for autonomous systems.

Tange II

The world's sparse population and farms are being put to use in food production.

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Kioku no Seijin (Memory of Seijin)
  • Population: 2,200 civilians. - Agriculture
  • Other uses:
  • Moons: None

Tange III

  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Other uses: Terraforming, mining, research
  • Moons: Tange IIIa-IIIc, small rock moons

Tange IV (Tange)

The new administration is moving to rebuild the broken world, and improve the lives of the current residents.

Art by Bradly Kyle Medina

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet (Tundra)
  • Colonies: Misato City, Frozen Coast, Yuriko Bay
  • Population: 3,240,213.
  • Other uses: Military Center for the System
  • Moons: TangeIVa-c - 34,280 - spread across various sub urban settlements

The capital planet of the Tange system, the world is known for its long, cold winters and picturesque landscapes evoking a Yamataian tundra. None the less, it has a rich environment of resources, and large but cold oceans that primarily make for rocky shores. Weather is more temperate around the equator, where Misato city is located. The second moon is a very popular vacation spot. The second moon remained untouched in the Second NMX war, and as such still retains much of is beauty and productive capability.

Reconstruction is beginning as well as the inclusion of a new Orbital Elevator.

Tange V

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Other uses: Exploration Ongoing, defensive positions.

Filled with dense asteroids from a failed planetary formation (mostly thanks to the gravitational influence of Tange VI) this belt is still being explored, but mining has already begun in some sections.

Tange VI

  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Colonies: Military Station
  • Population: 25 Military, 16 Civilian
  • Other uses: Military Outpost
  • Moons: TangeVIa-TangeVIH

While the assignment is not very exciting, many prefer to be put at the stopping point between asteroid belts for the sheer beauty below. There are plans in the work for a rescue ship dispatch center here, as well. There are many moons, at least two of which that are being explored for potential colonization. As of The original plans for this world and its moons have been re-prioritized and will be moved forward as of YE 39.

Tange VII

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Other uses: Exploration Ongoing

While less dense than its sister belt, these asteroids haven't been explored as thoroughly. Preliminary results indicate mining would be useful, or another defensive station. In YE 39 a refinery of House Tam and its mining teams have been placed here to commence exploitation.

Tange VIII

Ear marked for Exploration. Potential Military fortress.

  • Type: Ice Planet
  • Other uses: Not Explored
  • Moons: Tange VIIIa - Large moon
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