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U'ia is a star system discovered by a Neshaten probe, it resides on the farthest eastern border of Neshaten territory. It was discovered in ER 002, but due to the limitation of the science probe, it was not till ER 125 that the system was fully scanned. There is an industrial planet that provides the Kingdom of Neshaten with minerals, metals, and responsible together with No'menshan for the larger productions.

The Flag

The Flag of the U'ia is below.


The U'ia system is the secondary source of industry for the Kingdom. Where No'menshan is more leaning on mining operations throughout their system and the process of the refinery. The U'ia system focuses on the production of most products that are requested by the Kingdom. The Shukara Volunteer Navy has most of their shipyards located here and the due to its importance also receives a military fleet that patrols the area.


More facts about the U'ia System are listed below.

The Heart of a U'ia

About the U'ia System Star, Planets, and other features.

The U'ia Star

The heart of the U'ia System:

The U'ia Star
System Registry U'ia-M-2
Star Names U'ia
Type M2 V Red Dwarf
Distance Central Star
Radius 2.80 x 105 km
Surface Temperature 3100 K
Average Mass 6.09 x 1029 kg
Luminosity 1.68 x 1025 W
Number of Planets 7

This is the main sequence star for the U'ia system. The star is emitting solar flares at a rate of twenty every few days.

U'ia 1

U'ia I is the first planet in the system, its also the most unfortunate as well, as the planet is covered in thick fields of lava as a result of its parent star constant solar flare activity.

U'ia 2

U'ia II, the second planet in the system, is a rocky planet with several underground caverns. The planet's surface is covered in toxic and acidic clouds.

U'ia 3

U'ia III is another rocket planet in the system, unlike U'ia II, however; its surfaces are much more forgiving.

U'ia 4

U'ia IV is a very cold planet, thanks in large part to the asteroid field that blocks out the majority of the sun. Its surface is covered in ice, and its temperatures routinely drop down to negative four hundred degrees during the day. This made the planet ideal for industrial operations, the balance between the extreme cold and the operational heat of the industry would create a balance. The colony became also the location where a lot of fur white Shukaren (Species) started to come from due to their endless work in the freezing and snowy weather.

The planet also knowns to have a certain amount of refined water production that is popular in the Neshaten.

U'ia 5

U'ia V is another ice planet, but one that is much colder, with temperatures going down to almost negative one thousand degrees, making its surface hazardous even for machinery. There are steam vents on the surface that eject large chunks of ice, although presently it is unknown what generates the steam.

The Neshaten has small operational outposts at these steam vents to harbor the inner planetary volcanic warmth to keep the location operational. There are three large Shukara Volunteer Navy shipyards operational in orbit of Uรญa V that are responsible for the production of the military fleet.

U'ia 6

U'ia VI is a gas planet that contains hydrogen and helium that is being mined by specialized mining corporations and processed in orbit by a mobile gas refinery.

U'ia 7

The third ice planet of the system, and one that actually has a semi-livable atmosphere, with an active electrical storm that ravages the surface. Due the growth of the industry, the Neshaten has plans to colonize this planet in the nearby future.

Export and Trades

The U'varun System exports and trades the following goods.

Primary Industry
mining, refinery, industry and trade


The population of the U'varun System is consistent of Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) and My'leke (Species). Other species of other factions are not allowed to settle down on the colony. The Shukara Volunteer Navy 2nd Fleet is responsible for protection of this system.


The Characters that are located here:1)

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RP Opportunities

Great roleplay opportunities.

  • Survival training on U'ia IV.
  • Visit the large industrial areas of U'ia IV and U'ia V.
  • Launch from the shipyards of the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Local Rumors

Maybe True, Maybe not.

  • The 2nd fleet had an alien encounter at the borders of this star system.
  • The large circle-shaped gas at U'ia VI was trigger by an accident.

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