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Ulyshi Star System

The Ulyshi star system is known by several Iromakuanhe pirates, including Aashi Nath Werner but was for a long time uninhabited because of the dense asteroid belt that surrounded it, making it hard to both maneuver in and out of the system without crashing and to see the system beyond the belt.

This is a system article. To find information for the plot, go to Ulyshi!

The Ragnarok team has built a base named Anurakti Station on an asteroid in the belt surrounding the system and Aashi and Ulysses S. Werner have made their home Luftschloss, the forest planet second from the white dwarf sun.

The planet of Luftschloss has dense forests with interspersed lakes and meadows. The air is breathable and the gravity is 1 g, making it incredible hospitable. The trees are mostly birch, redwoods, spruce, and giant sequoia. There are many different metals and rocks such as gold, diamond, platinum, iron, nickel, silicon, copper, shale, sandstone, silver, mercury, and rhodium.

The system is located in the southeastern corner of the 1629 star grid of the Kikyo Sector.

Star Data

The Star of the Ulyshi system is a lone star, yellow, and is a dwarf star. Below are statistics for the star.

  • Name: Ulyshi
  • Type: White Dwarf
  • Mass: 2 × 10^50 kg
  • Semi-Major axis: 80 million miles
  • Orbital period: 1 IL (250 Days)
  • Rotation: 26 Hours

Planetary Data

There are four planets in the Ulyshi system. Below is their statistical information.

Planetary Overview
Order Name Type Distance Mass Radius
1 Sehnsucht Lava 50 million miles 4 × 10 to the power of 30 kg 2000 miles
2 Luftschloss Forest/ Water 100 million miles 6 × 10 to the power of 24 kg 5000 miles
3 Seeräuber Water 150 million miles 5 × 10 to the power of 24 kg 7000 miles
4 Zeitgeist Ice 200 million miles 2 × 10 to the power of 16 kg 20000 miles


  • Type: Lava
  • Orbital Radius: 100 million kilometers
  • Period: .9 IL
  • Gravity: .5 g
  • Planetary Population: None
  • Natural Satellites: None
  • Facilities: None


  • Type: Forest
  • Orbital Radius: 108 million kilometers
  • Period: .7 IL
  • Gravity: 1 g
  • Planetary Population: 2
  • Natural Satellites: 2 moons
  • Facilities: None


  • Type: Water
  • Orbital Radius: 228 million miles
  • Period: 2 IL
  • Gravity: 2 g
  • Planetary Population: None
  • Natural Satellites: 1 moon
  • Facilities: None


  • Type: Ice
  • Orbital Radius: 1200 million miles
  • Period: 4 IL
  • Gravity: 3 g
  • Planetary Population: None
  • Natural Satellites: None
  • Facilities: None

Celestial Data

A belt with metal-rich asteroids circles the planets and star. It contains many asteroids and is thick, making it a great place for hiding and not being found.

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