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Ushobrakflug is a star system that is part of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is not represented in the Senate of Yamatai, because it lacks the population requirements. Instead, the planet's oversight is controlled by the Department of Colonization.

Flag of Ushobrakflug

Communications on the planet are provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 36.


The first explorers arrived on the planet long before the Yamatai Star Empire, rougly 1400 years prior to YE 01. The planet was rediscovered by Yamatai explorers in YE 05, but was mostly neglected.

The planet was captured by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) at an unknown time shortly before the start of the First Mishhuvurthyar War.

In late YE 28, the Star Army of Yamatai captured the planet from the Mishhuvurthyar fleets. It served as the First Expeditionary Fleet's headquarters for that year, and in YE 29, it changed hands to the Second Fleet. A Kyoto-style base occupied the eastern continent. The Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) later retook the world, and destroyed the base.

In YE 34, Legion V retook and occupied the planet, and built their new headquarters on the western continent, a permanent fortress known as “Fort Stryhm”.

In YE 35, an industrious Iromakuanhe merchant set up a BEST KEBABS stand outside the military base. With the growing consumer rate, business was booming. Since then 3 more stands have opened on mayor places on and above the planet.

Planet Background

Type: Terrestrial/Iron Silicate (scarcely inhabited)
Inhabitants ~64,000 (~36,000 soldiers)
Stellar Radius: ~0.862 AU
Circumference: ~56,512 km (1,41 x Earth)
Surface Gravity: ~0,984 G
Surface Pressure: ~1,04 atm
Land/Water Ratio: 38,4%/62,6%
Length of Day: ~38 hours, 26 minutes
Length of Year: ~430,12 days
Number of Moons: many, 2 mayor

A scarcely inhabited planet, it is in the prime of its lifespan around a standard star who is also in its prime, both estimated at an age of 3 billion years. A fair portion of the planet is water, but there are three major continents, two being roughly equal in size (23,000 km wide, about 9,000 long). These two are on the east and west side of the third continent (roughly 11,000 km wide and 3,500 km long). They are all three separated by what has been called the Xafurst Sea, which spreads for nearly 28,000 km across the planet .

No signs of major cities have been left on the planet's landscape. Most structures, such as the Legion V military base, are solitary and don't stand in one place on the surface, known as both the “Prime Development Area” by the Yamatai government. They are all connected by stone and dirt roads, while rapid transportation is controlled by a train system.

There are a few forests; most are on the eastern continent, which remains as of yet untouched. The biggest forests, spreading across the east continent, are called the Bolenn Woods and are nearly 7,000 km long and 4,000 km wide. A few mountains spread across both continents, the longest of them being the Lagosa Mountains on the central continent, which spread nearly 6,500 km wide and 2,000 km long. The highest point is known as mount Kraz, on the island of Diborc Key near the central continent, which is about 80,000 m(260,000 feet) high. The deepest point lies in the southern part of the Xafurst Sea, and is known as the Ketzuil Trench, about 6 km(20,000 feet) deep.

Surface temperature averages between -4 and 33 Celsius. There are two seasons: a sun season, in which temperatures rise to a average of 25 Celsius, and a rain season, in which temperatures may drop to a average of 5 Celsius. There is one large desert on the planet, known as the Tzuik Desert, were temperatures lie between 50 Celsius at day, and -20 Celsius at night. The coldest place on the planet is near the magnetic south pole, and is called “Hiya Point”, which is at an almost steady -79 Celsius.

The planet has two moons, Dokusei and Usuikuki, one with a thin layer of superheated toxic gas(Dokusei) in the atmosphere and the other with very little atmosphere(Usuikuki). They can both be seen in the night sky, Dokusei high above and Usuikuki close to the surface.

Several small asteroids orbit the planet as well, and are collectively known as the Nakama Rocks.

Important Places

Fort Stryhm

Located south on the western continent, on a hilltop known as the Stryhm Pinnacle, stands the Base of the planet's primary protectors, Legion V. The massive complex contains a command base, a communications office, and a small space-port for incoming shuttles. Most of the soldiers are housed beneath the structures, in provisioned catacombs. This to prevent bombardments to kill all the soldiers at once. There are some refugee camps outside the base,of which the legion has guaranteed protection.

Darren Leverton had a layover here on his way to the YSS Sakura II in YE 411).

ITC Headquarters

Located eastern on the western continent, only 50 km (30 miles) north of the Legion V base, this structure has only recently been completed in YE 36. It is the home to most of the ITC personnel and commanding offices. The area surrounding the structure is known as the “Battle-Torn Fields”, a field rich with derelict starships and vehicles. Too the north there is a small hilltop known as Bluestone Peak, which has become a tourist attraction lately.

Danketsu Station

Home to the R&D division of the ITC, this is the first artificial satellite orbiting around the planet. It's purpose was later enhanced to act as a commercial and civilian centre. It was completed in late YE 37, and now acts as an important orbital trade hub and observatory.

Prototype City Alpha

Considered the first civilian site on the planet, this project is supposed to bring in more citizens to the planet and is funded concurrently by the ITC and the Department_of_colonization. Currently, there is enough housing to hold at least 3,000 people, including small refugees camps that have been set up near the city entrance. It is located in the middle between the Legion V Base and the ITC HQ.

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