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Ushobrakflug System

The Ushobrakflug Planetary System is a diverse arrangement of celestial bodies once under the control of the SMX that sits within the Yamatai Star Empire, with the habitable planet Onigashima as its centerpiece and capital. Onigashima is home to the Dai Oni people of former Trolls and Lorrfolk, while the surrounding terrestrial worlds remain barren or inhospitable. The system boasts a young G-class yellow dwarf and five planets.

The system itself is not yet represented in the Senate of Yamatai, because it lacks the population requirements.

Flag of the Ushobrakflug System - Updated YE-45


The first explorers arrived on the planet long before the Yamatai Star Empire, roughly 1400 years prior to YE 01. The planet was rediscovered by Yamatai explorers in YE 05, but was mostly neglected until it was captured. by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) at an unknown time shortly before the start of the First Mishhuvurthyar War.

Sometime later in YE 28, the Star Army of Yamatai recaptured the planet of Ushobrakflug-III from the Mishhuvurthyar fleets. It served as the temporary headquarters for the First Expeditionary Fleet's for that year, and changed hands in YE 29 to host the Second Fleet. A Kyoto-style base occupied the eastern continent of Ushobrakflug-III but was later destroyed by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) who retook the world. In YE 34, Legion V retook and occupied Ushobrakflug_III and built their new headquarters on the western continent, a permanent fortress known as β€œFort Stryhm” which remains to this day. A year later in YE 35, an industrious Iromakuanhe merchant set up a BEST KEBABS stand outside the military base. With the growing consumer rate, business was booming. Since then multiple Best Bebabs locations have opened and flourished on the capital planet.

Notable Locations

Ushobrakflug has five notable stellar bodies. Ushobrakflug-I through Ushobrakflug-V with the only notable exception being the third planet from the sun being a habitable terrestrial named Onigashima.


Ushobrakflug-I, the first planet in the Ushobrakflug Planetary System, presents a harsh and inhospitable landscape shaped by its close proximity to the system's blazing sun,Eimyrja. The planet's surface is predominantly composed of vast swaths of ammonia-rich swamps, where bubbling gases create an otherworldly atmosphere. The thick, suffocating atmosphere traps intense heat, causing the entire planet to simmer in a perpetual state of boiling temperatures.

Amidst the noxious gases and turbulent environment, Ushobrakflug-I exhibits a mesmerizing yet treacherous beauty. The swamps are adorned with iridescent flora somehow immune to and even flourishing in the heat of the nearby sun have adapted to thrive in the extreme conditions, their vibrant colors serving as a stark contrast to the planet's otherwise desolate landscape. The ethereal glow emanating from the bioluminescent plants casts an eerie luminescence over the gaseous mists, creating an otherworldly and hauntingly beautiful vista.

While Ushobrakflug-I remains uninhabitable for most known forms of life without protective measures there have been signs of once Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) activity including preserved ships hidden under the swamps now too entrenched to recover without effort, and sealed instalations leading udner the surface of the planet.


Ushobrakflug-II, the second planet in the Ushobrakflug Planetary System, presents a scorching and inhospitable environment. Its proximity to the blazing sun renders the planet's surface a hostile and unforgiving terrain on the side that faces it, unfit for habitation without the protection of advanced domed structures or stellar mirriors.

The planet's atmosphere consists primarily of thick, suffocating clouds of noxious gases and greenhouse gases, creating a runaway greenhouse effect that traps extreme heat within its boundaries. Surface temperatures soar to blistering levels, with molten rivers of mercury snaking through vast stretches of rocky plains and jagged mountains. The air itself is corrosive and oppressive, making any direct exposure perilous.

Naori Station

Naori Station, an Ikoi-Class Light Starbase, stands as a formidable stronghold situated strategically between the scorching Ushobrakflug-II and the lush Onigashima. This imposing space installation serves as the naval headquarters of the Legion-V and plays a crucial role in maintaining security within the Ushobrakflug Planetary System.

As the central hub for the Legion-V's naval operations, Naori Station is a bustling hive of military activity. The station is home to a small fleet of warships, their escorts, tenders, and logistics, which are meticulously docked and maintained within its vast docking bays. These formidable vessels serve as the backbone of the Legion-V's defensive and offensive capabilities, ready to protect the system and project its power when needed to defend it.

Beyond its naval functions, Naori Station also serves as the system's security headquarters. It houses command centers, intelligence facilities, and coordination hubs where highly trained personnel monitor and safeguard the Ushobrakflug Planetary System. From here, the Legion-V coordinates patrols, enforces border control, and responds to any threats or incursions that may arise, ensuring the safety and stability of the entire system.

The station's interior buzzes with activity, as crew members, officers, and support personnel carry out their duties with precision and dedication. Facilities include command offices, briefing rooms, training areas, and living quarters to accommodate the diverse needs of the Legion-V's personnel. Advanced communication and surveillance systems enable efficient coordination and provide real-time information to support operational decision-making and to track every ship entering or leaving the system.

Naori Station stands as a symbol of the Legion-V's strength and commitment to safeguarding the Ushobrakflug Planetary System. Its strategic location, powerful fleet, and comprehensive security infrastructure make it a crucial linchpin in maintaining stability and defending against any potential threats that may arise. The station serves as a testament to the Legion-V's unwavering dedication to protect and preserve the interests of Yamatai and its allies in this once volatile region of space.


see: Onigashima (Planet) for more information.

In YE 37 the Department of Colonization began terraforming Ushoblagflak-III with the introduction of new flora such as algae and significant plant species non-native to the planet modified to take root to change the ecology and biomes of the planet to be more hospitable of a climate for Yamatain-based species.

Over the course of five years, the planet of Ushoblagflak-III was reacclimatized and slowly changed to be more suitable and accommodating towards an upcoming planned colonization of the new Dai Oni which would be settled by the Department of Colonization by YE 45.

Ushoblagflak was renamed Onigashima in ye-45 by the Dai Oni.

This sole habitable planet within the Ushobrakflug Planetary System boasts a breathtaking landscape characterized by three major continents and vast stretches of pristine waters. While a fair portion of the planet is covered by the Xafurst Sea, three continents dominate the surface, each exuding an enchanting and distinctly catered landscape of rolling hills and lush plains. The planet has two moons; Ragnarok which is a lunar body of seismic and volcanic activity, and Takeminakata which is covered in a thin layer of superheated toxic gas in the atmosphere. They can both be seen in the night sky as a red and green moon respectively.

Type: Terrestrial/Iron Silicate
Inhabitants +/- 120,000,000
Stellar Radius: ~0.862 AU
Circumference: ~56,512 km (1,41 x Earth)
Surface Gravity: ~0,984 G
Surface Pressure: ~1,04 atm
Land/Water Ratio: 38,4%/62,6%
Length of Day: ~38 hours, 26 minutes
Length of Year: ~430 days
Moons: Ragnarok & Takeminakata

Ragnarok, the larger of the two moons of Onigashima, presents a stark contrast to the lush and vibrant landscape of the planet. This small rogue planet, ensnared within Onigashima's orbit, is a desolate and inhospitable world characterized by constant volcanic eruptions, billowing ash clouds, and a landscape cloaked in carbon-rich soil. The surface of Ragnarok is devoid of any significant signs of life, with the hostile environment rendering it largely unlivable for any known organisms short of considerable terraforming.

The moon's tumultuous volcanic activity spews forth relentless eruptions, casting a veil of ash and carbon particles into the atmosphere. This atmospheric phenomenon contributes to the moon's perpetually darkened skies, creating an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. The accumulated ash and lye on Ragnarok's surface serve a practical purpose for the inhabitants of Onigashima. These valuable resources are carefully collected and transported to Onigashima, where they find use in various industries, including the production of soaps, dyes, and other essential products. Additionally, the carbon-rich soil of Ragnarok acts as a highly sought-after fertilizer, providing vital nutrients for Onigashima's and Inari Stations agricultural endeavors.


Takeminakata, the second and smaller moon of Onigashima, presents a dramatically different landscape compared to Ragnarok. This moon is enveloped in an eerie atmosphere dominated by rich and consistent toxic sulfur gases emitted from numerous vents dotting its surface. The dense and noxious gases create an otherworldly ambiance, casting a surreal glow across the moon's desolate and rugged terrain and gives it an ethereal green glow in the night skies of Onigashima.

The surface of Takeminakata is marked by the presence of jagged rock formations and deep crevices, forged through volcanic activity that spews forth the toxic sulfur gases. Streams of vibrant-colored gases intermingle and dance through the moon's atmosphere, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly spectacle. The moon's landscape is devoid of vegetation and bodies of water save for seas of ammonia tainted with sulphur, making it inhospitable to most known life forms.

Inari Station

see: Inari Station

Inari Station is a space station in orbit around Onigashima. This orbital greenhouse and botanical garden serve a vital role in sustaining not only the inhabitants of Onigashima but also billions of individuals in neighboring systems. Inari Station represents the pinnacle of agricultural innovation, perpetually cultivating an abundant variety of foodstuffs in its controlled environment.

Within the sprawling interior of Inari Station Vast arrays of towering vertical gardens stretch towards the station's core from below, showcasing an impressive assortment of crops, ranging from fruits and vegetables to grains and medicinal herbs. Soft artificial lighting simulates the sun's rays, providing the necessary energy for photosynthesis, while advanced hydroponic and aeroponic systems ensure optimal nutrient delivery and efficient resource usage. Inari Station plays a vital role in the prosperity of the system. Its advanced agricultural practices and the ability to produce a surplus of foodstuffs contribute significantly to trade and commerce. The bountiful harvests from Inari Station not only sustain the population of Onigashima but also allow for the export of high-quality food products to neighboring systems, establishing the Ushobrakflug system as renowned provider of sustenance and bolstering the economy of the system.


Ushobrakflug-IVis the fourth planet in system and is a desolate and rugged planet within the Ushobrakflug system. Its surface is marked by countless craters, evidence of constant bombardment from the nearby asteroid belt. Devoid of an atmosphere, the planet boasts a wealth of valuable minerals and resources. Mining colonies and industrial facilities are scattered across its rocky terrain, extracting and refining ores and minerals. Despite its inhospitable conditions, Ushobrakflug-IV serves as a vital source of raw materials, playing a significant role in the interstellar economy as a steady supplier of valuable resources.


Ushobrakflug-V dominates the celestial landscape of the system with its massive presence. Its vibrant blue hues and swirling bands of clouds create a mesmerizing spectacle. The planet's striking rings, composed of black ice particles, add an element of elegance to its visual allure.

This colossal gas giant harbors an inhospitable environment of extreme pressure and temperature within its gaseous atmosphere. However, despite its barren nature, Ushobrakflug-V plays a crucial role in the economy of the system. Orbiting the planet, atmospheric gas harvesting operations extract and process gases used in the production of starship fuel. A dedicated fueling station in orbit serves as a vital refueling point for spacecraft traversing the system.

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