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UX-27 System

System UX-27, or also known to Yamatai as Takara, is located east from the Chiharu Nebula and it has a former NMX base that was abandoned in YE 34 due to the events of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It is currently not owned by anyone, but a subspecies called the Kamakiri are present in the system on two planets.

Unusual aspects of this system are that there are no gas giants present and it used to have a captured planet. In YE 32, the NMX did build a NMX Standard Small Starport on Takara I. In YE 42 a damaged NMX Scout crashed onto Takara I after an intense battle with a Yamatai Star Empire vessel.

The system was explored by the YSS Aeon in YE 31.

The UMX Outpost

The NMX created their outpost on Takara I, which is known to be rich in minerals and was thus deemed as a suitable place to construct their base at. Yet the base only got about 2/3 finished when the Mishhuvurthyar recalled all forces in YE 34 to support in a losing war. It has been abandon for eight years until a NMX Scout crash-landed onto its surface close to the base. This would change the function of the outpost for good.

Takara Star

The heart of the UX-27 system:

The Takara Star
System Registry UX-27
Star Name Takara
Type A5 (Spectral Class)
Surface Temperature 8,500ΒΊ K
Average Mass (Yamatai Comparison) 2.1
Yerkes Luminosity Type V
Number of Planets 8


In the UX-27 System, there are eight Planets present:

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