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UX-HB-3 'Refuge of Sinners'

Uesu's Fleet passed through this system circa YE 30 and left behind signs of a battle, including a derelict Ayame-class Cruiser. The I'ee explored the system and labeled the wreck as too dangerous to investigate years later, and the lonely system was otherwise undisturbed until the YSS Heartbreaker returned in YE 38 while following Uesu's trail. They discovered that the crew members on board the cruiser had been infested with Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar who had then taken control of the ship. Uesu used his overrides to leave the ship powered down and immobile, then left a prototype combat android on board to gather data on its effectiveness as an anti-parasite weapon. The cruiser was later recovered by Star Army forces.

System Details

Star Data

  • Type: K6 V Orange Main Sequence
  • Radius: 6.15 x 105 km (0.88 x sol)
  • Mass: 1.50 x 1030 kg (0.76 x sol)
  • Temperature: 4000 K
  • Luminosity: 1.53 x 1026 W (0.40 x sol)


  • Type: Terrestrial World
  • Orbital Radius: 7.20 x 107 km (0.48 AU)
  • Period: 3.35 x 103 hours (0.38 earth years)
  • Gravity: 9.67 m/s2 (0.99 x earth)
  • Hydrosphere: 34 % water, 0 % ice
  • Atmosphere: Superdense toxic
  • Biosphere: Microbes, algae

The Thousands

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Orbital Radius: 1.06 x 108 km (0.71 AU)
  • Period: 6.02 x 103 hours (0.69 earth years)
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