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UX-HB-6 'Antipode'

Uesu's Fleet passed through this system circa YE 30 and it went unexplored by the Star Army of Yamatai until the YSS Heartbreaker returned in YE 38 while following Uesu's trail. Unlike other UX Series Star Systems before it, this system had been explored and claimed by the I'ee in the intervening years. The Oo'tut have an observation station on the lone planet's surface and several satellites and other surveillance equipment in orbit, but have limited interest in the system or planet. The I'ee consider it of little value beyond a communications relay and early warning system, and have not even given it a name, only a designation number.

Ironically, the lone planet (also referred to as Antipode) would be considered something of a resort paradise to most Nekovalkyrja, Nepleslians and the like. The planet is almost entirely covered by clean, clear water teaming with peaceful and exotic marine life, with beautiful sandy beaches near the equator. Other small outcroppings of land near the north and south poles are perfectly dusted with snow. Temperatures never reach extremes in any area where land is present, and harsh weather is incredibly rare.

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