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Gravity Belt

Gravity Belt is the common term to refer to any technology that is used to alter the effects of gravity on the wearer. There a several ways to achieve the desired effect, however it should be noted that Gravity Belts, and conventional 'Gravity levitation' devices are different. Gravity belts alter the gravity the wearer experiences, simply floating using gravity repulsion does not qualify something as a gravity belt.


Gravity belts are used in a variety of ways, however the most common use is in temporary gravity acclimation. Because different species have become accustomed to different gravity levels, visiting different worlds for vacation or diplomatic purposes becomes difficult on the body. This difficulty becomes dangerous when the difference is too great, and for short term stays a gravity belt becomes essential.

However gravity belts are meant for short term use, should one wish for a long term stay on a planet with gravity significantly different from their own, they should follow a proper gravity acclimation treatment.1)


The risk vary from model to model but because the belt is altering the gravity experienced by the wearer, they never become acclimated to the gravity they are staying on. Other risk include sickness induced by constant exposure and injury to others that enter the effective range of the belt.

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