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Laser Scalpel

Designer: Miles Gunn


Intended as a replacement for normal metallic blade scalpels, this device is intended to be used for minor and major surgery and cutting of organic matter.

Technical Information

The Laser Scalpel works by using focused laser light to cut through organic matter and cauterize wounds. This device is approximately the size of a pen and power is supplied to it either by a power cell encased inside of the device, or from a nodal system. Regulation of the intensity of the laser is accomplished by an onboard microcomputer that regulates the amount of energy applied to the laser emitter along with a lens system. The lens system is pair small disks located in front of the laser emitter, this disk is perforated with microscopic holes, and within each hole is a small one nanometer focusing lens. During rotation of the lenses the scalpel is shut off automatically to prevent accidental discharge that would harm the patient. The laser scalpel’s interface is a simple dial allowing for correction of the intensity of the laser, a small panel with four buttons to change the setting of the laser, two buttons to set the laser width, two buttons to set the laser distance of transmission, and one activation button located where the surgeon’s thumb would be placed during operation of the scalpel. Due to the wide range of functions the laser scalpel is completely capable of replacing most medical cutting instruments.

OOC Notes

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