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Variable Impulse Magneto-Plasma Drive System

History and Development

First-generation Nepleslian armorsuits utilized the at-the-time norm in compact propulsion; ion drives. While Nepleslian ion-drive systems were combat-ready and compact enough for use, the output of the system became decidedly more outdated as the years when by. In order to keep up with the changing prices and standardization of technologies, NAM Aerotech Division proposed a new system to be included on current and future powered armorsuits, as well as for the replacement standard STL drive for Nepleslian starships.

The NAM Plasma Impulse Drive utilizes rather ordinary technology to generate a powerful propulsion system. Drawing ionized hydrogen into a magnetized chamber, the ionized Hydrogen is then super-heated using microwave radiation. At the same time, Radio waves are passed through the plasma to impart a very powerful charge. Shortly after, it is expelled through a nozzle using a magnetic channeling system. It should be noted that the plasma expelled from the armor is extremely hot, and may cause heavy damage or death to those in close contact to the device. When combined with the gravimetric drives present on the Hostile, this makes acceleration and top speed substantially higher than what has been seen so far on Nepleslian armor technology.

General Information

Name: PID-01a Type: Variable Impulse Magento-Plasma Drive System Government: Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Designer: NAM Aerotech Division Manufacturer: NAM Manufactured

Extra Information

The first PID-01a system debuted on the new-age Nepleslian powered armorsuits, the NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – β€œHostile” and Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor.

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