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Shock Aether Plasma Drive

The Shock Aether Plasma Drive is a form of high speed slower than light propulsion, where a starship draws a small amount of raw energy from the aether for propulsion. The exhaust plasma is then passed through an afterburner type system where numerous Aether Shock style pulses are used to further accelerate the ship.

Kuvexian ship with Shock Aether Plasma Drive highlighted

The Shock Aether Plasma Drive is similar to the Turbo Aether Plasma drive systems, however this method of propulsion has become the common method for the Kuvexian Military


Much like most Aether drive systems, a small amount of Aether plasma is pulled out of the aether and accelerated out of the rear of the ship. It passes between what is usually a twin-pronged array that uses intense scalar fields to further heat the exhaust gasses, and powerful force fields to contain the reaction as it moves towards the end of the array. The result is that the exhaust gas from the engine continues to accelerate the ship as it passes along the entire length of the array and results in a very high temperature exhaust.

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