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Virtual Home Sleep

The Virtual Home Sleep or Ke-M4101 is a means for Starships such as fighters or other kinds of ships that don't have the means to allow the Pilots to rest and sleep to do so.

More about Virtual Home Sleep

The Ke-M4101 is both hardware, and a program. The hardware is an extra addition to the pilot's or in some other cases, depending on the type used, the user's helmet which covered their whole head and ending just under the eyes. The software, specifically the actual program, sends electronic impulses into the user's visual cortex and the part of the brain that controls movement. The user perceives their seat lowering and depending on what ship the wearer is using with this piece of technology things will change.

Fighter craft setting: If the user is sitting in some kind of Fighter class Starship, then the area behind the seat opens up, as the seat is lowered and it begins placing the user into what the wearer perceives is one of those pods as seen in Japan's Pod Hotel, where they can adjust the pod to suit their desires. In this way, they will be able to gain rest and sleep when they weren't able to do so.

If they were on a stakeout type mission or where they have to wait for someone to appear in space, the alert system will wake them up, and deactivate the illusion, bringing them back in the ship they were sitting in.

Transport Setting: Depending on the room of the transport, the user's perception will see the area expand somewhat to make room as the seat they were sitting on lower and flatten itself much like the Fighter setting, however it doesn't slip into anything, instead around them the environment darkens and the temperature changes depending on their physiology and the setting from the volumetrics that appeared on an arm rest beside them. If there wasn't an arm rest, one will also appear.

Availability: After discovering this during her tinkering free times, Sachiko created the first Virtual home sleep program, eventually she contacted the Ketsurui and allowed for the open sourcing of her creations, while making sure it's available to The new dusk conclave, and anyone else that might be able to make use of it, so long as they pay her for it of course.

Cost: 500ks however, with the discount Yamataian citizens will be able to pay just 100ks while NDC can pay 200DS

Additional Information

During the activation of the product, the body is rendered in a paralytic state, which was in hopes to keep themselves in a safe state, and prevent them from hurting anyone else while unaware. However, to keep the users from panicking, their minds, in part thanks to the electrical impulses is placed in a state of hallucination, where they can perceive themselves moving their limbs and themselves so that they can get comfortable enough to get to sleep.

Fail-safes in the programming meant that if they activate it without trying to go to sleep, the program will force itself to deactivate, and bring them out of the state they were previously in.

The likely risks of using this piece of technology are in a bootlegged versions, specifically ones created by pirates, which can have faulty programming. Another problem lies in the fact that the programming relies on a computer and ships sensors if the ship does not sense the attack coming, it won't bring the user to full wakefulness which leaves them vulnerable.

The computer getting a virus could potentially turn the impulses bad changing something that should be restful into a nightmare.

The intended benefit is a good bit of rest for a long haul trip.

Due to the manufacturing by the Yamatai’s Ketsurui Fleet Yards and the The New Dusk Conclaves own Department Of Engineering, the Programming can work with both Yamatai, and The New Dusk conclave’s standard Operating Systems, that they use. While attached on a Starship, the Starship’s operating System would likely be the one controlling the programs.

Nomenclature Information

The following section contains general information about the Ke-M4101.

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