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Character Template Form

This form helps you create a character article for the Star Army Roleplay. It contains all the fields in the standard biography template and will automatically generate a wiki page for you. This is useful if you're unfamiliar with the Formatting Syntax. Character pages will be created in the characters: namespace in this layout. Read the instructions below because they're important.


Open the character creation guide, Creating a Character, in a separate tab. It will provide instructions and species-specific guides for making characters. As you go through those, fill in the blanks on this form. Remember not to close this tab until you hit the submit button and if you open any links from this form, open them in new tabs so you don't lose your data before you submit. The page you make doesn't have to be perfect; you can always edit it later once it's created.


This section contains the form where you can put information about your character.

General Information

Start with your character's name and basic information.

Physical Description

Describe your character. We recommend describing their body type, height, skin color, eye color, ear type, hair color, and hairstyle. Other good things to include would be your character's mass, eye shape, facial description, any distinguishing features like tattoos facial hair, body hair, your character's scent and the sound of their voice.

Art (Optional Section)

You can use this to set an image or a placeholder image for your character page. If you're not sure what to do here, just ignore this section for now. We can always edit the character page later.


What is this character like? What are their motivations and goals? Are they hard working or lazy? What are some of their habits? Are their easily angered? Are they bold or cautious?

What relationships do they have with other people? Are they social? Who do they love and what kind of people do they like? What have their past relationships been like? How do they treat other people? Please use complete sentences in this section.

Faction & Role

For use by all factions. You can use regular text or wiki links (as shown in the example below). You can also leave these blank if you're unsure. All fields in this section are optional.


Good things to include in your character's history are their place of birth, what it was like growing up, details about their education, and notable events in their lives. Please use complete sentences in this section. See: The Timeline. Note: Birth dates use the Yamataian Calendar. Characters should be 21+ to be adults.

Social Connections (Optional Section)

Optional: In the social connections section, you can list the character's family and friends.

Skills (Optional Section)

Reference: Character Skill Areas

Inventory and Finances (Optional Section)

Reference: Listing Your Character's Inventory

OOC Information

This section contains character ownership information. Character Owner should match your wiki username.

If I'm gone for more than a year, can my character be...


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