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Battle of Elysia

The Battle of Elysia is a large planned PVP roleplay event set to occur in July and August 2009. It centers on the invasion of Elysian Yamatai by the Mishhuvurthyar.


Elysian Side


  • Defend Elysian worlds from NMX attack.
  • Keep military assets from being captured, including warships and the shipyards.

NMX Side

Objectives for the NMX:

NMX Plan:

Conduct a synchronized strike at all the objectives.

TASK GROUP ONE, the largest task group, will attack Elysia Novus and attempt to draw as much of the Elysian military as possible. TASK GROUP TWO will go after the Veritas shipyards specifically and secure them. Once space superiority has been established, TASK GROUP THREE will land invasion forces on Minyas then Keren and TASK GROUP FOUR will land forces on Elysia Novus. Finally, TASK GROUP FIVE is assigned to reinforce Task Group One.

  • TG 1 consists of a large number of older SMX ships, captured Star Army Ships, and larger battleships. It is mostly sacrificial, made to poke the hornets' nest.
  • TG 2 consists of a force of about 300 newer NMX ships in a variety of sizes.
  • TG 3 and 4 are focused on transports, carriers, and landing ships. They will remain with T5G during the battle onset, until deployed.
  • TG 5 consists of a huge number of newer ships, designed to crush the enemy with the full might…TG5 will join the battle once TG1 makes the area “target rich” and will flank the ECN/SAoY forces.

To maximize the shock and inhibit enemy response, infiltrators and zombies have already begun sabotaging Elysia's defenses and ships. One major element of this is the shipyards, which the NMX hopes will fall easily to their agents inside. The size of TG2 is mainly to combat a potential Star Army response to the Veritas system.

If possible, the attack will be coordinated with other attacks on Yamatai and Nepleslia, to minimize the amount of forces available to defend.

Yamataian Side

Objectives for Star Army of Yamatai forces:

  • Support the ECN
  • In the event the systems are going to be lost, evacuate as many civilians as possible.

OOC Plan

The plan, OOCly, is to have the NMX achieve most or all of its objectives, crushing most of the Elysian Fleets and eliminating them as a major player in the war, and showing how badass the NMX are. Yamatai will of course be there to rescue as many Elysians as they can. If the NMX can capture the shipyard, they will use it to create more ships and possibly move it to another location.

We need players willing to post for the rampaging NMX task groups and for Elysia.


Minyas, Anakes, and Artume fell to the Mishhuvurthyar while the conquest of Elysia Novus was prevented when the YSS Eucharis managed to destabilize the attacking fleets by identifying the NMX command ship and transmitting that data to the Elysian defenders, forcing it to flee in order to avoid destruction.

The defense of Elysia by the Star Army of Yamatai convinced the Elysian Celestial Empire to join the Yamatai Star Empire.

Plot Ships Participating

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