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Battle of Hoshi no Iori

Rufus was weaving around through the burning hulls of Star Army ships and clouds of debris from the ships and power armors, heading towards the SMX ships that had done the horrible damage. A slight smirk came to his mouth as they broke free of the wrecked Star Army ships and into a similarly mauled mass of green-hulled vessels. Both sides were taking tremendous losses. Ahead of the bridge, the main gun charged up to fire. The two samurai wisely stayed inside the Sakura's combined field, saving all the pilots they could by removing attacking Frasworstch pods with some sniper fire.

Nyton looked around, trying to assess what he could of the slaughter. When he reached the Murasakis he took a battle position and began to follow suit, picking off at the Frasworstch while looking out for any incoming hostiles. “Computer, prioritize my current targeting selection. Spot me friendlies in critical danger and target enemy ships that are threatening them.”

And then, the YSS Sakura was face to face with a seemingly endless wall of enemy ships in small, spread out formations. “Watch Murasaki Two's back,” Murasaki One directed Nyton, as the two armors headed out of the ship's bubble, apparently heading for the nearest group of ships while the Sakura itself aimed for the one next to it. The gunship's main gun unleashed its fury for the first time of many, filling the sky ahead of it with a white slice of pure energy that seemed to never end. Everything in its path was utterly obliterated by the seemingly infinite energies of the universe. Ahead of the two samurai armors, thousands of pods launched from their motherships.

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