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Battle of Komorebi Cabin

The Battle of Komorebi Cabin was an intense and heated, multi-stage battle carried out by almost all of the Kaiyō crew.

More About the Battle

The Battle of Komorebi happened in mid YE 39 after a transmission from Star Army of Yamatai personnel on the planet living in a Star Army Cabin, Type 39 there. They were under attack and it was decided that the YSS Kaiyō II, a newly made second of its class Fuji Gunship would investigate and potentially engage an enemy. They did so valiantly, first as they attacked the cabin and then as the enemy was alerted to their presence and came in waves towards them. Even the ship itself during a resupply landing had to fend off enemies with her point defense weaponry. It was a battle of big proportions for the meager defense that the Star Army had sent. The Kaiyō crew, though, all proved to show bravery and inherent ability to conquer the enemy during the battle.

Events of the Battle of Komorebi

Below are the events that led up to and the events of the battle.

Preceding The Battle Of Komorebi Cabin

The battle took place on the planet explored by the YSS Kaiyō months before. The search had turned up almost nothing but abandoned housing in the treetops and a shuttle and fighter underneath some tarps, abandoned. The discovery led to more knowledge and a better understanding of L'Kor and, thus, Kuvexian technology.

In the time between the first exploration and the battle, a cabin was erected and two Santô Hei were stationed on the planet with the supplies for the cabin and food as well as some extra supplies of the Star Army and hunkered in after building the cabin in a few short days.

Then, the Star Army received a message that Hoshi then showed to the crew:

Quote from RP
Hoshi did nothing as an audio recording played through the room: This is Santô Hei Tayla, we are under attack on the planet of Komorebi. Repeat, we are under atta—ack! The blue and white haired Neko added in a solemn tone, “That is all we were able to gather before transmissions cut out.”

The newly minted Kaiyō II went towards the planet as fast that a Fuji-class is publicly known to be able to go.

After Action Reports

Quote from Meissa Nashira
“We arrived on scene. I was assigned to recapture the cabin. After that we held the cabin against the L'Kor attacks. There were some strangely tough armors that we were fighting, which I think may have been elite L'Kor infantry. In any case we wiped the L'Kor in the house, then they started trying to siege us out, throwing shuttles full of their armors into the battle. But the Kaiyo itself did some point defense which let us recapture Komorebi.”
Quote from Arbitrated Iemochi
“So it was kinda helpful, I think, to have us returning to a place we'd already been to actually use the Fuji class in combat properly. It was odd however, that our aether generators were somehow damaged while we were there-within a few minutes of us being on the surface actually. It seemed to confuse the technicians too, but thankfully they managed to fix what was going wrong with Misaki's help before we had to fight the enemy ship.”

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