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Battle of Murf

The Battle of Murf was a battle between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Nougpift that took place in YE 29 during the First Mishhuvurthyar War.

Forces Involved

The following forces took part in the battle:

Star Army Forces

  • Namiko carrier group of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai.
    • YSS Namiko, a Kyoto-class Carrier served as flagship for the fleet under Corro Adlich. It was destroyed during the battle.
    • NK-X5-01 Kyoto YSS Namiko DESTROYED
    • NK-X5-02 Kyoto YSS New Anisa (Damaged, later repaired)
    • NE-X5-21 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-22 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-23 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-24 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-25 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-36 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-37 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-38 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-39 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-40 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-41 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-42 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-43 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-44 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-45 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-46 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-47 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-48 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NE-X5-49 Arashi Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NG-X5-32 Irim Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NG-X5-33 Irim Unnamed DESTROYED
    • NG-X5-34 Irim Unnamed DESTROYED

Enemy Forces

  • Unidentified SMX Fleet consisting of 42 ships:
    • 4 Blrakkrashiverinth II-class battleships
    • 10 Ooghlrashithagg-class carriers
    • 23 Ghullfrashirv-class destroyers
    • 5 unidentified ships each less than one hundred meters long.
  • Large fleet of reinforcements

Notable Characters

These characters were notably involved with the Battle of Murf:

  • 5th Expeditionary Fleet: Battle at Murf Casualty Roster
  • Aida Tamaki, Nito Juni YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Date Yoshiko, Santo Hei YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Endo Yoshi, Cadet YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Commander, Killed in Action
  • Hamacho Seki, Itto Heisho YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Hanari Riku, Santo Hei YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Hasimoto Kimie, Itto Heisho YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Hino Nahoko, Itto Heisho YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 4th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Ippitsusai Yuya, Santo Hei YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 6th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Joshuya Masami, Santo Hei YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 6th Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action
  • Kuramochi Remi, Santo Hei YSS-New Anisa (NK-X5-02) 2nd Power Armor Wing, Killed in Action

Origins of the Battle

Katsuko folded her hands in front of her, the image of Taiie began to fade out…A readout from a Kante Border Station opened on the screen “Due to the incompetence and failure of proper intelligence protocols executed by so called trained individuals formerly commanding starships in this fleet. Our lives, the lives of those not only in this fleet but within the colonies it protects have been brought to risk…” she paused as the image of an SMX Ooghlrashithagg-carrier flashed onto the readout from the station. She continued “ The Mishuu have ships within the region that is supposed to be under our protection. The Yukika's sightings at Murf were confirmed three days ago by one of the Kante monitoring stations positioned by the Akuro I.

The Battle

Namiko Carrier Wing, led by Corro Adlich, engaged the Mishhuvurthyar in the late hours of the night. The fight for the Murf system began within seconds of the Carrier wing entering the system. Initially casualties were light and three Ghullfrashirv Mishhu destroyers were destroyed.

The Namiko wing was attempting to invade planet Phaeton (aka Planet Murf) to try and drive the SMX forces that had claimed a hold there.

Though the battle was fairly even at first, the battle group took heavy casualties when reinforcements for the entrenched SMX forces arrived. Having been reduced to just five out of twenty ships, the Yamataian forces were forced to flee while the heavily damaged Namiko drew the remainders of the attacking SMX forces away from the New Anisa as YSS Akuro II fled the doomed battlefield.


The YSS Namiko and most of its adjoined wing were destroyed.

It was just after this battle that Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko was assassinated, in a staged event, by her security chief Yanagi Izumi.

Chujo Koyanagi Mayumi, acting commander of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, contacted Taisho Ketsurui Yui, commander of the Star Army, to inform her of funeral arrangements for Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, to inform her that The ships in the 5th Expeditionary Fleet's command group and their personnel had been cleared by SA police and Star Army Intelligence, and the assassin had been transferred to SAINT custody. She also requested reassignment to Yamatai and that the survivors of the Namiko Wing and Katsuko's staff and crew be given indefinite leave on Yamatai until new assignments could be given1).

Taisho Ketsurui re-positioned the First Expeditionary Fleet to provide coverage.

Koyanagi Mayumi followed up by requesting a new fleet configuration for the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, which included many changes including the construction of Himitsu Star Fortress.

A memorial was constructed at Fort Phaeton.

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