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Chaos Hive War

The Chaos Hive War was a brief war in Ayenee.


in YE 211), Ayenee Capital City was invaded by alien forces composed of genetically-engineered monsters. In responses, the city was defended by an impromptu alliance of Ayenee's combined technological military forces.


The Uesureyan Star Empire's Army Of Uesureya/Grand Star Army (which later became the Star Army of Yamatai) deployed the Third Fleet's sixty-thousand troops and twenty-five thousand tanks and suffered significant losses but was victorious. Fighting took place throughout the city in the streets and then in the extensive sewers below.


Enemy Participants

  • “The Hive”


The war was of the first large conflicts involving Nekovalkyrja and helped the Star Army develop. After the bloody battle, the Star Army began looking into the creation of power armor suits for its soldiers.

In YE 41, the Star Army named a ship after the major battle of the war, YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City.

RP Post

The Uesureyans had momentarily pushed the Hive around the city back, but reports were coming in from the sewers that it was still active down there. By now, Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto had negotiated his way into command of an AoU BW-6b Heavy Tank, and was inside of it with most of the remains of his rescue party he had initially sent to help out when Section One's headquarters was destroyed. The weapon's purple eyes showed that they were supposed to have been sold to Ayenee customers. They were lovely, and beautiful as well.

The doctor was clad in the armor of a fallen Geshrin, a soft, yet effective full-body flak suit most of the infantry (the heavy infantry) wore. The nekowalkyries in the defense wore SLAS-3c bioarmor under their flak shirts, and the Geshrin wore the suit [the Doctor had put on] under theirs. The tank was a bit cramped. There were 7 persons inside, including himself, and 3 in the turret (a couple more people could cram inside if they really needed) and the air was rendered a bit bland by the tank's air filtering system. Reaching over the cat-eared heads of a battle-weary, sleeping pair of NH-7b3 Organic Weapons, he grabbed a small brown box with the AoU logo on it, opening it up a as quietly as he could, so as not to awaken the steam-venting Nekos from their peaceful slumber. It must be interesting to always dream together, it occurred to him.

Opening the box, he removed a small brown plastic package, thickly sealed, and bearing the letters “Meal”, which provoked a wry grin from the doctor. He out the rest of the box back up on the shelf. How long would that last, he pondered. Some infantry in jeeps had been delivering supplies from Miollendel, the avatar. She was generating “beans and bullets” for the Army. Another other-realm force had offered assisstance as well, and some of the forward infantry was already using their alien weapons. AoU soldiers tended to use whatever they found in order to save what they wer familiar with until they really needed it.

His fingers pinching on either side of the brown MRE package, he strongly tugged at the sides until the end opened up, and then examined the contents. It looked like the meal du jour was “Beef Stew in Kôriyama style Sauce” with a side of “Spinach, Green, Melancholese” and “Lovefruit and Cinnamon”. Plus a few crackers and by the grace of the Empire, jalapeño cheese sauce to put on them. Sliding out the heater-pack, he pours a small bit of water in it, opening the top rear hatch of the tank, and setting it on the outer surface. The 35mm gunner of the tank, observing the whole thing from the back of the turret, get the 105 gunner to reach out and get the 3 soldiers in the turret each a ration. “Tuna Steak, Chunked and Formed” and “Xiulurien-style Lasagna”. Version of Geshrin foods that almost lived up to the real things, he mused.

Some two minutes later, his hand reached up and grabbed the heated “Beef” Stew and brought it down into the tank interior. Equipped with a plastic spork from the MRE package, he began to consume the stuff and was rather pleased. Things tasted a lot better when one is hungry, he noted. As he eats he counts the rounds inside the tank, the racks of 105mm and the boxes of 35mm chain. Luckily the tank had be resupplied lately. There were 60 105's as far as he could tell, and 8 boxes of 35mm scattered around the interior. Large grey blankets, characteristic of the vehicular corps of the AoU were also littered about increasing the comfort of the metallic interior a small bit.

Feisar Arms was in the air, and Gundarians were on the ground, SBC was in action, and hope was in the hearts and minds of the brave Geshrin and Nekowalkyrie. They could stop the Hive from taking the capital, but what of the rest of Ayenee? The NDI?

Time would tell.

OOC Notes

The Chaos Hive War took place around 6/13/2002.

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