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First Battle Of Nataria

The First Battle of Nataria (also called The Battle of Nataria) was the opening battle of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

In 3月 YE 31, a surprise invasion by the NMX hit the forces of the Star Army of Yamatai in their operational and logistical center, the Nataria. The Mishhuvurthyar forces successfully took the Nataria and the Nataria Fleet Depot, allowing them to mass produce Nekovalkyrja, which they equipped with the Star Army depot's massive stockpiles of weapons and equipment. Millions of Star Army starships, as well as Aries Star Fortress, were self-destructed to prevent capture by enemy forces, effectively obliterating all of the Star Army's supply of reserve warships.

The battle is detailed from the perspective of the YSS Eucharis in Mission 7.1 - At War: The Battle of Nataria.

The Star Army would not regain their losses at Nataria until YE 33 when the system was retaken in the Second Battle of Nataria.

The YSS Now and Forever was destroyed in the battle, among other ships.

OOC Notes

This RP event happened in April, 2009.

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