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Ocean Day

This is a holiday that exists in Yamataian Space and gives special importance to the facets of the ocean that are often overlooked.


In YE 43, there was a big ocean day beach party on Temeridi Beach, Malifar, Planet Yamatai1).

In YE 45, the Imperial Premier of Yamatai, Hanako, hosted an ocean day part in Yumiuki, Planet Yamatai2).

๐ŸŒŠ More About Ocean Day

Ocean Day 3) falls on 7ๆ—ฅ 7ๆœˆ 4) and is a joyous day to celebrate the life within the many seas, oceans, and even waterways of the Yamatai Star Empire. No seafood is eaten on this day, stuffed toys that look like sea life are given and received, and those of the Yamatai Star Empire flock to the beach and ocean.

โ›ต Traditions

Ocean Day is a day to enjoy the ocean, so everyone is motivated to go to the beach on this day or out to sea!

Sailboats, yachts, and other boats are often decorated and dressed up on this day and in the evening, many seaside cities and towns have Boat Parades, which are a sight to behold and an utter delight for all ages.

Those that live nearby rivers that lead to the sea often put morsels of food and treats on small, handmade boats that are usually about the size of a shoebox. These little boats are said to ward off bad luck, but is widely regarded as a pleasure activity that brings people together while making the little boats and setting them on the river together.

On the beach a game named the chop-chop game or suikawari is played in which a watermelon is chopped by hand by Yamataians while being blindfolded and after being spun about three times. Those with baseline Human strength are given a stick by which to chop-chop the watermelon.

Another tradition of this holiday is the making of shide, which are zig-zag, white, paper chains. These are strung up over doorways and trees facing the ocean, beckoning for the warm ocean breeze to come hither.

๐Ÿ‹ Gifts

Perhaps the second most ubiquitous gift given and received on this day are oceanic mammalian plushies. Black and white orca, grey humpback whales, multi-colored octopus, blue dolphins, penguins, and geenish turtles are the most often gifted plushies. Others not seen as often are shrimp, molluscs, stingrays, and etc.

๐Ÿ‰ Food

The watermelons used in the chop-chop game or extras brought to the beach are eaten! Non-sentient life found in the oceans are consumed en masse on this very special day in shichigatsu! Things like Seaweed, sea lettuce flakes, nori, a radish-like root called yomin, sea fungus varieties, edible sea flowers, sponges and some other types of aquatic plants are enjoyed on Ocean Day!!

OOC Notes

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