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Victory Day YE 43

Victory Day was celebrated on 24日 1月 YE 43. It marked a day of celebration for all allied factions involved in the Kuvexian War. The celebration followed the victory at the Battle Of Glimmergold.

History and Background

The Kuvexian War started in YE 38, it raged on across the Kikyo Sector for four years and resulted in tremendous losses, and cautious victories for Yamatai Star Empire as they faced the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. After thousands of skirmishes, the losses of key systems like Hanako's Star and Himiko System, the Kikyo Sector was entrenched in war. In YE 43, with the offer of help from the Essai an intergalactic force which included ships and troops from many factions finally achieved victory at the Battle Of Glimmergold. A massive celebration followed, which brought the affected populations and the brave souls who fought for their freedom together.

The First Post

The first post was by Ametheliana: <blockquote>The air was filled with the rooty tooting sounds of the Star Army musicians while in the airspace above Kyoto, spaceships slowly drifted about in crisscrossing lines. The spaceships that had fought valiantly in the Battle of Glimmergold and the Kuvexian War were parading, piloted by their MEGAMI and any helmsman who didn't much care for the revelry below. Yamataians, Nepleslians, and even the rare Uesureyan were filling the streets to look at the ships above, grab a bite from one of the many food vendors, fill a pub, or toss a coin into a fountain or the Ketsurui River. check out the rest here. </blockquote>


Results and Aftermath

The event is still in progress.

OOC Notes

The event thread can be found here. The first post was made by Ametheliana.

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