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Yamatai-Nepleslia NMX Nekovalkyrja POW Agreement of YE 33

The Yamatai-Nepleslia NMX Nekovalkyrja POW Agreement of YE 33 is the official name of a standing agreement between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in effect as of October 5, YE 33. It states that all current and future NMX prisoners of war who are Nekovalkyrja and are being held by Nepleslia will be transported to the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Agreement Text

To: Nepleslian Government From: Empress Himiko

Nepleslian leaders,

As a reminder, both Nepleslia and Yamatai have agreed to follow the same Prisoners of War guidelines which include protection from harm for the prisoners. We also remind you that the Nekovalkyrja has the ability to self-terminate. With the above in mind, we also ask that the prisoners be treated with respect and that no harm should come to them. It is my eventual hope to rehabilitate these wayward soldiers and reintegrate them into Yamataian society.

Owing to the fact that NMX Nekovalkyrja are a design of Yamatai and that they are generally produced using captured YSE equipment, and that Nekovalkyrja are prohibited in Nepleslia, we ask that any NMX Nekovalkyrja prisoners be returned to Yamatai as soon as possible, and that future NMX captives be transported to us as well.

We do not wish to disrupt your intelligence gathering process. To this end, we will permit Nepleslian intelligence agents to visit the detention facilities where we are keeping the NMX prisoners of war so that you may continue to question them when needed.

Benefits of this would include reduced costs as you would no longer be responsible for the prisoners' long-term housing and living needs.

If you agree to the above, it shall be considered an agreement between our nations.

Thank you for your consideration,

Empress Himiko

The Response

As long as you don't let'm get away and 'cause trouble, they're all yours, we don't want'm.

Sincerely, Sky Marshall Pyros Thrull Westwood Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia


Thousands of NMX Nekovalkyrja were shipped to Yamatai, including Uso.

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