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Pre-History - Before YE 01

For untold years the Black Claw Star Empire ruled a vast sector of space. Many races fell under their rule as they further expanded outward into the cosmos. There were records that told of a time when the Black Claw Kingdom ruled as noble and benevolent beings but those times have since been lost. The dog-like bipedal race that made up the Black Claw had since become cruel tyrants. Their power had long been established when the human race fell under their sphere of influence. Their rule was cruel and oppressive and those under them suffered much.

So much could be tolerated until finally the many races banded together and fought to overthrow the tyranny of the Black Claw Star Empire. A long and bloody war of liberation ensued which destroyed many worlds and nearly shook civilization apart. An entire galaxy bled until finally after so many years of warfare the Black Claw was defeated in a violent and climactic battle.

After the Black Claw was overthrown there was much turmoil as the races sought to regain their dignity. Humanity feared that the confusion could become more intense and descend into open warfare. There may be a chance of yet again becoming enslaved or worse. To prevent this, the humans decided to send a portion of their population beyond the very farthest borders of the known Black Claw Empire. The exodus was kept secret from the other races and they have since not been seen or heard from since. The humans that remained to rediscover their origins have also not been heard from either.

As the secret convoy fled the former empire they chanced to discover a system of planets that supported life. The locations of these worlds would place the direction of the former Black Claw Star Empire to the galactic southeast. Upon closer inspection, it turned out these worlds had been discovered by the Black Claw and slated for future development. However, because of the war, the outposts had been abandoned and no reports were ever made thus keeping the area undiscovered. With the internal strife of the empire forcing every resource to turn inwards the convoy determined that there was enough distance to begin colonization safely. Thus they began to settle on the world that would eventually become Rok'Veru.

Upon arriving on Rok'Veru the humans worked hard to build a world where they could thrive again. After 50 years of peace, a strong movement begins to take effect. This movement proposes that humanity focus on building its war machine so that it may never be conquered again, perhaps even one day returning to the former empire and conquering all those they fled from. Others preferred keeping a low profile and waiting to develop further before trying to expand. For a while, the proponents for war were pacified by the creation of a sizeable defense force. The argument went on for a years before hostilities finally broke out.

As if to prove their point, the faction calling itself Crimson Dawn began to seize control of various facilities and military hardware. Several years of violence soon followed as the defense force fought against the Crimson Dawn movement. In the end, an uneasy ceasefire was called followed by a truce wherein the colonists decided to follow a policy of expansion and exploitation. A republic style government was formed with representatives from each faction: Crimson Dawn, Human Defense Force, and Slumbering Dreamers. This then led to shifting their homeworld over from Rok'Veru to Damasica (Neo Kohana). The Human Defense Force faction thus changed their name to the Damasica Defense Force.

The shift was successful and development was well underway when into the fourth year of development a plague hit. This plague wiped out many until a cure was developed. However, the damage had been great and in order to prevent a manpower shortage from stifling food production, the Nepleslians turned to cloning. By creating disposable labor force clones the impending Food shortage was averted. The panic caused by the plague caused the colonists to conclude that the best chance for the human race’s survival would be to migrate once more and further spread out the presence of humanity. The planet chosen for this migration is Planet Nepleslia. They land on the central continent of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and name it New Detroit.

As time passes, the humans decide to reduce their presence on Rok'Veru while trying to expand further on Damasica and Nepleslia. After several decades the colonists settle and expand on both worlds. Lamentation of their lost origins caused the humans to name themselves Nepleslians and take the name of their new homeworld despite having a presence on Damasica.

The problems argued before, however, began to resurface as the human race faced such staggering losses again. Crimson Dawn again began to rise up and demand more concessions. By unleashing the full force of the cloning facilities they wished to create a massive clone army.

Unseen by the other factions, the Crimson Dawn had already made its move before allowing the other two factions to react. The cloning facilities under their control were already churning out soldiers before the proposition had even been brought up to the council. By the time the others found out it was already too late. Crimson Dawn attacked and was this time able to overwhelm all opposition. Nepleslia was under full control of Crimson Dawn and Damasica (Neo Kohana) followed soon after. A military dictatorship was established. Their expansion was fast and unprecedented as Nepleslia and Damasica (Neo Kohana) were colonized even faster and more intensely. Resources from nearby asteroids, moons, and worlds were stripped even further.

All of this progress came to an abrupt halt when a famine suddenly hit. Due to the rapid buildup of clone and military force, the food supplies began to dwindle as farming and agriculture failed to keep up with the growing clone population. Public outcry grew so widespread that the military was being frequently called in to suppress the riots and protests. After several years of this oppressive regime a full on civil war began led by a faction calling itself the Jade Connection. The war grew intense as clones and humans fought each other all over the two worlds of Damasica (Neo Kohana) and Nepleslia. During this war, the development of advanced cybernetics first began to be explored as an alternative to clone soldiers. Entire squads of soldiers began to be outfitted with cybernetics and while they were more expensive to create they were also more deadly than the unaltered clones despite the refinement of gene therapies currently in use. The Jade Connection took full advantage of this and had already begun planning for their use before the war even began, mimicking the Crimson Dawn's policy of pre-emptive strike during political turmoil.

The Cyber Stalkers fought hard against the Reapers and after several desperate engagements began to turn the tide against the Crimson Dawn. After five intense years of war that threatened to destroy everything, the Jade Connection won a complete victory. Showing more mercy than believed deserved the remnants of the CD were given the opportunity to reunite the human race as one movement. Those who accepted were pardoned except for the ones who committed war crimes and atrocities. The holdouts were either banished or executed along with criminals.

The Nepleslians had grown weary of the wars and focused even harder on living peacefully while advancing themselves. Cities were rebuilt and expanded while science worked towards improving mankind. This became a sort of 'golden age' and was dubbed the Jade Flourishing. The Jade Connection was renamed the Jade Republic. All of this was overseen by a council of leaders selected by popular vote through a representative republic. During this time another planet was selected for expansion. This world was Geshrintall and the spearhead in charge of this was a little-known company known as Uesureyan Horizons. A policy of slow and gentle expansion and exploration was followed to prevent a repeat of the giant women incident.

For the first time, Nepleslians were able to live in peace for over a hundred years. Progress advanced until issues began to occur with the clone workforce. The older the clones grew the more problematic their behavior became. Many began to show anti-social and criminal attitudes, especially the ones that had been created to be soldiers. This problem had not been encountered before during times of war because clones did not normally live long enough. Now with a huge population of clones becoming dangerously unstable, the regular humans had to find a way to deal with the upcoming crisis. At first, a humane way was sought to solve this problem so scientists rushed to find a means to help cure this behavior but the only results discovered could only benefit future generations and not the ones currently in peril.

At first, the clones were treated at facilities or held in lockdown. Eventually, though, the clones that were not imprisoned began to realize they would eventually go the same way started to panic. Some hid, others fled, while more became violent. Families that had been started by clones found themselves in a dilemma. The government tried to calm the public but as the clones grew ever more aggressive their options were limited. The violence escalated until the clones were hunted for termination or 'ending' as it were. Clones had begun organizing themselves for this possibility and enough humans were sympathetic to their plight so that the population was once again split on the issue.

As tensions rose the powder keg was set off by an assault on one of the clone holding facilities. This massive breakout of clones made by a faction of clones and humans started a descent into a civil war that tested the consciences of all those who fought. Families were torn apart as a result and violence spread across Nepleslia. Geshrintall was spared most of this due to the smaller population and reduced dependence on clones.

The military was called in but due to the heavy dependence on clone soldiers there was dissension even within the ranks. New generations of clones were being made but not fast enough to counter the previous ones. Once again cybernetic advances began to turn the tide but as the civil war continued many areas drifted apart from the main body of government, not wanting to support this controversial war. After several months, the Clone Uprising was systematically suppressed but it left a bad stain on many people's psyche. The cost of cybernetics and the connection it had to winning the war made people seek a new way of creating superior soldiers not dependent on cybernetics.

Several companies worked together under the government to develop the ID-SOL project. The Ideal SOLdier plan created a new breed of super soldier that was a result of genetic engineering and intense training. These soldiers were a tremendous success and measures were taken to integrate them into the military. A massive restructuring was done to accommodate these new forces. As this was occurring on Nepleslia, the population on Geshrintall was peacefully expanding while Uesureyan Horizons steadily grew and developed further advances in computer technologies.

For a time peace settled on Nepleslia until the cities that had disagreed with the main government in regards to the war grew more belligerent. So much disgust with the current government was had that the cities had practically declared independence from the main body. The government worked to reconcile with these cities for a while until negotiations broke down and the cities separated from the Jade Republic government to create their own smaller states. The JR, sticking to a policy of diplomacy and avoiding war at all costs, allowed this and recognized the creation of several smaller governments. As though following a sign of the times, the colonists of Geshrintall decided to also break away from the Nepleslian front and become their own autonomous entity. The local government, backed by the local corporations, decided that they were no longer in need of outside interference. As a result, the Uesureyan Horizons corporation began to have more influence in the run of the planet.

Nepleslia split into four factions: the Jade Republic, the Tymian Empire, the Tre Empire, and the Renato Conglomorate. Each faction had individual stances and some similarities to their policies. A nervous relationship of mutual respect and mistrust settled in as each faction developed their own powerbase. Damasica (Neo Kohana) was the only planet that did not split off and remained aligned to the Jade Republic. Several decades passed in this shaky power struggle. Even more planets were charted out and claimed. Expansion consisted more of resource stripping as each faction sought to outdo the other. For the time they were all fairly balanced against each other, controlling a fairly equal amount of resources even as they sought to further colonize and develop Nepleslia, absorbing more and more of its landscape with industrial centers. This balance maintained until Geshrintall began to throw its support in with the Tymian Empire, emboldening them to further escalate tensions. After several years the Uesureyan Horizons corporation had become present in every aspect of life, providing services more efficiently than the government, making contact with the local life forms, and expanding its own influence. It becomes fairly obvious that Geshrintall is under the control of Uesureyan Horizons. Geshrintall is ruled much like an oligarchy but with certain strong figures that dominate policy.

The Tre Empire begins to court the Renato Conglomerate to form a united front against the Jade Republic. The two empires unite and use this opportunity to rekindle old disputes against the Republic. Land disputes, economic unrest, and colonization issues were already problematic but the question of expansion in order to return to their roots once again rises up to plague the political forefront. After more argument the Tymian Empire declares that it shall reunite all Nepleslians under one banner and declares war on the Jade Republic. The Tre Empire aligned with the Renato remains neutral, preferring not to join the war. A fierce resistance is put up by the forces of the Jade Republic's armies but they are still overwhelmed by the combined might of the Tymian Empire and its Geshrintall support. The Jade Republic is forced to fall back to Damasica (Neo Kohana) and the flag of the Tymian Empire flies over the capital city of New Detroit. After the retreat, the Tymian plan to push on towards Damasica (Neo Kohana) and begin massing for the assault when battleships of a new design appear and begin to wipe out their transports and cruisers. These ships bear the logo of Uesureyan Horizons and are superior to all the ships the Tymian Empire possesses. The commander of this fleet declares that the Uesureyan Star Empire will not allow the Tymian Empire to go any further.

With the two factions planet locked the war cannot continue. At first, the Jade Republic are relieved at the assistance however that is short-lived as the Uesureyan Star Empire declares that in order for them to receive their protection they must submit to their rule. After further negotiations are made the USE promises to give the Republic its own autonomy in regards to internal affairs but that they are to be subservient to the USE. They have little choice since the USE’s ships are the only thing preventing the Tymian Empire from invading Damasica (Neo Kohana). Meanwhile, the Tymian Empire are infuriated by the betrayal and find that all the supplies they had received are now defective and sabotaged.

For several months the USE fleet conducts orbital bombardment on the territories held by the Tymian Empire. During this time the Republic becomes nothing more than a puppet government as the USE further consolidates its control over Damasica (Neo Kohana). Under the USE the Jade Republic struggles to rebuild its army for the eventual conflict, conscripting as many citizens and creating as many clones as possible with the limited facilities available. The USE begins to plan for an invasion of Tymian territory however before this can happen something unforeseen occurs. The Uesureyan Star Empire comes under attack by a hostile force only known as the Vordachibean. It is later discovered that space pirates had accidentally led them to these worlds after fleeing from their attack at one of their remote hideouts.

Forced to redirect their efforts to combat this new entity and realizing that this could be a threat to everyone the USE quickly works toward uniting everyone to combat this threat. Initial hostilities are dispelled once every faction sees that the Vordachibean attack everything with no regard to each faction. For a time everyone unites together until the Vordachibean are not seen for some time. As soon as the war against the Vordachibean settles down the factions almost immediately split off again. The Uesureyan Star Empire immediately attacks the Tymian Empire. Exhausted from the war with the Vordachibean they fold almost immediately and surrender. Under the same guise of autonomy, the Tymian Empire is allowed to exist but it is completely controlled by the Uesureyan Star Army. A unified force is created called the United Empire Forces. It was made up of the USE and the Tymian Empire. The Jade Republic is absorbed by the Tymian Empire giving control of Damasica (Neo Kohana) and all Tymian Empire territory to the USE.

During this period of restructuring, the colors of factions begin to be seen. The military forces of the USE wear green colored vests to identify themselves. Government and police employees begin to wear blue vests and uniforms. After the wars, however, there were some areas deemed undesirable or unworthy to extend control into. These areas tended to be controlled by criminal elements and were marked as such territory by a black banner. This was done to ensure territorial control was known and established. Trade guilds and corporations tended to use yellow or brown to denote their affiliations.

The Tre Empire and UEF made no overtly hostile actions towards each other however there were many covert missions undertaken. The Tre Empire sponsored various operations ranging from increased criminal activities, terrorist actions, and all-out rebellion. These actions continue for many years until violence escalates all over the Tymian Empire territory. The various factions that commit these acts unite to form the Reds. Their activities increase until the Reds become a faction of their own. The criminal activities provide them with the funds necessary to continue operations independent of the Tre Empire.

The Reds continue to fight against the Greens in order to free Nepleslia from Uesureyan influence. All out war between the two factions is declared as territory within Tymian territory falls under the control of the Reds. At first, the Tre Empire are supportive of the Reds actions until the UEF retaliates and launch a strike against the Tre Empire. Despite the infighting within Tymian territory the UEF is capable of defeating the Tre by their combined firepower. The Tre Empire is added to the UEF and becomes another puppet government under the control of the USE. Any military forces still capable of fighting join the Reds in their campaign against the UEF. The Renato Conglomeration remains outside of the conflict but uses its vast financial resources to further developments in cybernetic technologies. Incredible breakthroughs are made and eventually lead to the development of The Forge, a company completely devoted to researching cybernetic weaponry.

This begins a long period of time when war between the Green Vests of Uesureyan forces and the Reds is waged constantly. The Reds eventually take Kennewes and create a power base there to continue waging the war. New Detroit changes hands several times, becoming the most highly contested territory on Nepleslia. The Greens push the Reds out of New Detroit and force them as far back as Kennewes. They hold New Detroit temporarily and are eventually pushed back again, losing New Detroit to the Reds. The borders of each side would fluctuate from time to time, settle, and then change again. There were struggles within each conflict as well as notable moments and figures on each side. Major fleet battles are fought to control space lanes and prevent invasions. Nepleslia becomes a culture of warfare over the next few centuries, too embroiled in the conflict to even remember the old dispute of whether or not to discover the fate of their brethren who remained behind at the aftermath of the Black Claw Star Empire. Meanwhile, with Geshrintall safely away from the major effects of the war, further advancement is made in their genetic engineering programs under Project Perfect Evolution. Uesureyan Horizons continues to move forward and predict a tremendous breakthrough soon. The strange computer society of AvaNet begins to form in the south. Bizarre signals that liken to ‘floating islands’ are found on the other side of the planet. Exploration groups are sent to investigate but never return. It is eventually discovered that a new race of beings that call themselves the Elysians are moving to claim Geshrintall. According to reports from contact, despite the fact that the Nepleslians colonized the planet almost a thousand years ago, the Elysians claim that they have always lived there. Later research will reveal that they had purged their history to merely reflect that and were new arrivals fleeing a cataclysmic environmental shift on another undisclosed planet. Little other information can be gleaned from the fiercely religious Elysians.

In the final years of this period the United Empire Forces continued to fight the Reds. During this campaign, a decisive blow was dealt to the Reds and they lost control of New Detroit to the Greens. New Detroit is renamed Funky City. The USE cast off their allies, finally dissolving the Tymian and Tre Empires to declare themselves the Yamatai Star Empire. Emperor Ketsurui Saito is crowned.

Warfare with the Reds continues but there are those among the Greens who have grown tired of external influence. All factions take note of their unfriendly neighbor and wait for the perfect moment to deal with them.

Thus we enter Yamatai Era Year One….

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