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This page is the hub for tracking of historic events in SARPiverse.


In-Character Timeline

The following chart lists the in-character years for the Star Army roleplay, as well as the real-life periods of time that matched. More recently, we have synchronized real years to years in the roleplay, but it is fuzzier for years before 2007. Plot GMs and faction managers should continue to regularly update the current year as more events take place in the roleplay, and fill in any missing items on previous years when possible.

YE stands for โ€œYear of the Empireโ€ in reference to the Yamataian Calendar that is standard in this area of the galaxy.

IC Year OOC Start Date Notes
YE 41 January 1, 2019 YSS Kaiyล II begins a tour of duty as a part of the Kuvexian War. New Dusk Conclave forms an alliance with Yamatai Star Empire, and begins expanding to two more systems. The emergence of Kingdom Fall prompts the formation of Neshaten Division 5 and sends the nation into a temporary lockdown.
YE 40 January 1, 2018 Kuvexian War heats up, multiple invasions. Section 6 is reformed into the New Dusk Conclave.
YE 39 January 1, 2017 Yamatai makes first contact with the L'Kor, Iromakuanhe War of Reclamation persists. Section 6 founded
YE 38 January 1, 2016 Yamatai leaves alliance, Kuvexian War begins
YE 37 January 1, 2015 Yamatai makes first contact with the Kuvexians
YE 36 January 1, 2014 Yamatai, Nepleslia, and Lor become military allies
YE 35 January 1, 2013 The Rok'Veru Offensive ends
YE 34 January 1, 2012 Second Mishhuvurthyar War ends, The Rok'Veru Offensive starts
YE 33 January 1, 2011 United Outer Colonies abolished, Battle of Yamatai, Operation Dynamo, Dietrich's Expedition
YE 32 January 1, 2010 Occhestian Genocide; Elysia rejoined Yamatai Star Empire
YE 31 January 1, 2009 Second Mishhuvurthyar War begins
YE 30 July 1, 2007 (?) United Outer Colonies formed, First Mishhuvurthyar War ends
YE 29 November 20, 2005 Lorath Civil War
YE 28 May 21, 2005 Nepleslian independence, Elysian independence
YE 27 August 8, 2004 (?) Yamatai Star Empire expands (many first contacts)
YE 26 January 1, 2004 (?) First Mishhuvurthyar War begins
YE 25 October 24, 2003 Fourth Elysian War ends, Elysia becomes part of Yamatai
YE 24 January 26, 2003 Second Draconian War
YE 23 January 1, 2003 Fourth Elysian War begins
YE 22 circa June 2002 Star Army of Yamatai created. Operation Bloody Shield
YE 21 June 5, 2002 (?) NH-7 created. Chaos Hive War (Ayenee)
YE 20 2001
YE 19 2001 (?)
YE 18 ~2000 Ketsurui Fleet Yards founded. Third Elysian War ends.
YE 17 ~2000 Ayenee discovered
YE 16 ~2000 Third Elysian War begins
YE 15
YE 14 Second Elysian War
YE 13
YE 12
YE 11
YE 10
YE 09
YE 08 The Great Plague of YE 08; First Elysian War ends.
YE 07
YE 06
YE 05
YE 04
YE 03
YE 02
YE 01 First Elysian War begins.
Pre-History - Before YE 01

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