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YE 31

The Yamataian Calendar year YE 31 began January 1, 2009 and ended December 31st, 2009.

War erupts as evil returns to conquer!

Seven years ago a sinister alien race known as Mishhuvurthyar attacked the Yamatai Star Empire, plunging the galaxy into war. It took five bloody years for Yamatai's Star Army to achieve victoryโ€ฆbut after a year of peace, stronger Mishhuvurthyar return with all nations in their sights.

Notable Events


International Events


  • Crew of the NSS Acadia assists in regaining control of a starbase attacked by pirates.


United Outer Colonies

  • The United Outer Colonies suffered from a exceptionally large amount of pirate attacks this year.

Ships Launched

New Ship Classes

Technologies Released

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