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YE 32

Events in the Yamataian Calendar year YE 32 were mainly centered around the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. YE 32 was in 2010.

Notable Events


  • OIF Atuan confronts NMX forces on Kennewes, confirms existence of NMX "Ravager" Mecha and NMX "Render" Mecha, managing to recover sensor data about the two machines.
  • ISC Phoenix visits Drift, and combats an NMX Parasite invasion, fending off the invaders and keeping most of Drift intact. They then decided to visit Dawn Station to spend their newfound wealth and encounter Vitriol and Malice.

International Events



United Outer Colonies

  • Communications blackout throughout the UOC

Lorath Matriarchy

  • Extermination of the Occhestian Separatists, and establishment of a Matriarchy presence in the Northern section of space.

Ships Launched

New Ship Classes

Technologies Released

Products Released

These are some products released in YE 32. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.

Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date01/01/2010
OOC End Date12/31/2010
Neshaten EoRER 775
ElysianAD 4003
HSC (Poku)751 CY
IromakuanheAR 936.75
Abwehran260 AF - Second Quarter

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