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Struct Guide

Star Army implemented the use of the struct plugin in December 2020. The plugin allows pages to be tagged with elements of structured data that can be used and aggregated by other pages. Struct data is stored as schemas (generally page schemas on Star Army, as in they are attached to pages such as character bios) and schemas have columns.


Full documentation of the struct plugin is found here.

The basics are:

  • Struct data can be presented as tables or lists
  • You'll need a schema and columns to show, which are detailed below
  • Results can be filtered to show the stuff you need, such as showing only characters assigned to your ship


Here's some examples.

List of Characters

This example is a list of characters from one player that is searchable and has multiple pages if there's more than 25 results.

---- struct table ----
schema: characters
cols: character_image, %title%
filter: owner = user:wes
order: %title%
csv: 0
dynfilters: 1
rownumbers: 1
max: 25

Star Army Crew Roster

Here's a sample crew roster as seen on the page YSS Eucharis Crew & Personnel. It calls from two schemas and uses columns from each one.

---- struct table ----
schema: stararmy_personnel, characters
cols: character_image_chibi, saoy_rank, %title%, saoy_occupation, owner, status
filter: saoy_status = Active Duty
filter: saoy_assignment = stararmy:starships:yss_eucharis
order: %title%
csv: 0

NDC Crew Roster

---- struct table ----
schema: characters, ndc_personnel
cols: character_image, ndc_rank, %title%, ndc_jobcode, owner, status
filter: ndc_assignment = plot:nds_ravenacas_watch
csv: 0

Current Schemas

Star Army's wiki has multiple schemas. The main ones are detailed below:


The characters schema is probably Star Army's most important one and applies to all character pages in the correct namespaces (including WIPs).

Columns you can use are:

  • owner
  • character_name
  • character_clan
  • status
  • character_gender
  • character_species
  • character_relationship_status
  • character_faction
  • character_occupation
  • character_location
  • character_image
  • character_image_chibi
  • character_npcable
  • character_adoptable (means: is the character adoptable after the player gone for a year?)
  • birth_date
  • birth_month
  • birth_year
  • birth_place
  • character_notes
  • character_art_request


A schema for tracking common colors in Star Army. Most data is global (not attached to a page).

  • color_name
  • color_color
  • color_hex
  • color_notes
  • color_usedby


Corp is applied to corp: namespace

  • corp_name
  • corp_status
  • corp_faction
  • corp_logo
  • corp_parent
  • corp_ceo


  • event_name
  • event_year
  • event_month
  • parent_event


Currently editable only by Wes

  • faction_name
  • faction_description
  • faction_playable
  • faction_short
  • faction_flag

NDC Personnel

Schema ndc_personnel has the following columns available:

  • ndc_status (a dropdown list of things like Active Duty and Retired)
  • ndc_branch (Navy, Legion, etc)
  • ndc_jobcode (a dropdown list of all rank codes and ranks as listed on the NDC rank page)
  • ndc_rank (a dropdown list of all rank codes and ranks as listed on the NDC rank page)
  • ndc_assignment (wiki page of assignment, autocompletes)

Nepleslian Personnel

nep_personnel is used for characters in the Nepleslian military and is applied to the character: and character:npc: namespaces.

  • nep_status
  • nep_branch
  • nep_rank (lookup to nep_ranks)
  • nep_mos (lookup to nep_occupations)
  • nep_orders (URL)
  • nep_dor (date of rank/year last promoted)
  • nep_assignment (page)


Places is a new schema for star systems, planets, locations, and other places characters can visit.

  • place_name
  • place_cat (multi for categories i.e. space station)
  • place_image
  • place_flag
  • place_faction
  • parent_place
  • place_pop (population number)
  • place_grid (grid number on Kikyo Sector map for star systems)

Note: place_type was replaced by place_cat on 2/5/21


Available columns are:

  • player_status
  • forum_profile_URL
  • player_wanteds


Available columns are:

  • plot_status
  • plot_recruiting
  • plot_GM
  • plot_faction
  • plot_logo
  • plot_wanteds


The schema products is for manufactured items. It is applied in the items: and corp: namespace.

  • product_name
  • product_nomenclature
  • product_manufacturer
  • product_brand
  • product_category
  • product_image
  • product_releaseyear
  • product_price_ks
  • product_designer
  • product_production
  • product_description
  • product_length
  • product_width
  • product_height
  • product_mass
  • product_usedby
  • product_parent (page, multi)
  • product_color


Editable by wiki staff or admins.

Available columns are:

  • species_name
  • species_playable
  • species_image
  • species_desc (Short desciption)

Star Army Personnel

The Star Army Personnel schema stararmy_personnel is used for tracking Star Army of Yamatai characters.

Available columns are:

  • saoy_status
  • saoy_rank (Dropdown lookup field that connects to the stararmy_ranks schema)
  • saoy_occupation (Dropdown lookup field that connects to the stararmy_occupations schema)
  • saoy_assignment (wiki page of current assignment such as starship or base)
  • saoy_entry_year (Year character joined the Star Army)
  • saoy_dor_year (Date of rank - year of last promotion)
  • saoy_respawn_pref
  • saoy_awards

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