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Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Gakuin (Library)

Scientific Studies Service (SSS) Library, originally referred to as the SSS Library project, but was shortened to the SSS Library. The library is a state of the art scientific data / research repository. It is an ongoing service, as the librarians are always on the search for new information to add to the library. All information is reviewed for veracity, and accuracy prior to being made available by the library.

The repository consolidates all available reference materials in the areas of study of the SSS

View SSS areas of study

The primary format for the data is digital, and is available to all SSS personnel. The SSS Library also works to acquire hardcopy versions of reference material, but access to the hardcopy is restricted to instructors, or researchers who have requested access.

Information formats

Data in the library stored in one or more of the following formats:

  • Electronic: The original material was submitted only in electronic format.
  • Digitally transcribed: The original material has been scanned and then run through an optical character recognition program, and verified for accuracy.
  • Digital images: The original material is stored in the library as scanned images or in the case of digital photos in their native form.
  • Hardcopy: The library has an actual printed copy of the data in the repository.


The library is maintained by the SSS Librarians.


Access to the library is available to all SSS Academy students either in the library building or from terminals in their quarters. Alumni and Liaison personnel can access the library remotely.

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