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Character Template & Wiki Code Generator

Instructions: This form helps you write a character biography for the Star Army Roleplay. It contains all the fields in the standard biography template and will automatically generate a formatted version in wiki code. Open the character creation guide, Creating a Character, in a seperate tab. It will provide instructions and species-specific guides for making characters.

How to make a wiki page: To create your page on the wiki, go the Character Directory, follow the link to your faction, and then click "Edit this page" and add a link to your your character by linking to [[character:CHARACTER NAME]]. Then save the page and then click the (red) link you just made. It'll take you to wiki page that says "This page hasn't been created" yet. Click "Create this page." This blank edit screen is where you will paste your character biography code that this template will give you. Don't forget to save! Note that you must be logged in the wiki to create and edit pages.

WARNING: Do not close this page until you have successfully saved your character biography on the wiki. This form is not part of the wiki; you need to manually copy the code and then paste it into your new wiki page.

Build Your Character

Use the fields below to enter or edit information about your character.

Basic Information

Character created by:Your wiki username. No wiki account yet? Register.
Character Name:What's your character's name?
Species:What species is the character?
Gender Indentity:LGBTQ characters are welcome.
Year of Birth:When was this character born?
Character Image (Optional):

Tip: The image can be a URL or a wiki image like the examples below. Please include {{ }} brackets around wiki images (they are not added automatically), for example: {{stararmy:anonymous_chibi_male.png}}. Placeholder images are available here: Anonymous Character Art

Occupation and Assignment

Organization: Who employs your character?
Occupation: What is your character's job title?
Rank: Starting rank is typically Private for Nepleslia and Santo Hei for Yamatai.
Current Placement: This is your character's current assignment, if applicable.
Preferred Plot: List of Active Plots
2nd Choice (optional): (Leave blank if none)
3rd Choice (optional):

Tip: You can use wiki link syntax in these fields: for example, you could enter [[:Star Army of Yamatai]] or [[Nepleslia:NSMC]] for the organization field.

Physical Description

Describe your character here. Please include the following: height, body type, skin color, eye color, ear type, hair color, and hair style. If you want to do even better, you can add your character's mass, eye shape, facial description, distinguishing features like tattoos, facial hair, body hair, your character's scent and the sound of their voice.

Information on the normal physiology of your character's species is available in the species-specific character creation guides and on species information pages. Please use complete sentences.

Tip: Try to describe your character well enough so that an artist would be able to draw him/her accurately based on this text.


This section contains a description of your character's personality. What are they like? What are their motivations? Their goals in life? Are they hard working or lazy? What are their habits? Are they easily angered? Are they brave or cautious?

What relationships do they have to other people? Are they social? Who do they love and what kind of people do they like? What have their past relationships been like? How do they treat other people? Please use complete sentences.

History & Background

You should write a history of what your character's life was like before they entered the roleplay. The way they grew up will influence their personality and the way they were educated will influence their skills. You can find historic events in the Star Army timeline. When you write your character's history, you may want to pay attention to what your character's home planet was like at the time of their birth (e.g. make sure there were actually people there at the time).
Notable family and friends:

Skills (Optional Section)

This optional section is for if you want to describe your character's skill set. See Skills for more information and suggestions regarding your character's skills.

Traditionally, characters on Star Army started with seven skill areas. It is also acceptable to simply link to a list of common skills, particularly if your character was programmed (like Nekovalkyrja). Most of your starting skill areas will probably be used for things learned in military training, if applicable. Do not copy the example skill area descriptions.

Skill Area 1 Heading:
This is typically Communications and covers languages spoken.
Skill Area 1:
Skill Area 2 Heading:
Your Character's Skills:
Skill Area 3 Heading:
Skill Area 3:
Skill Area 4 Heading:
Skill Area 4:
Skill Area 5 Heading:
Skill Area 5:
Skill Area 6 Heading:
Skill Area 6:
Skill Area 7 Heading:
Skill Area 7:

Inventory (Optional Section)

What are your character possessions? For more info, see: Listing Your Character's Inventory.

Creator Commentary (Optional Section)

This area contains any notes, trivia or anything else you wish to attach to the bottom of your character's biography.

Character Will

These options let us know what to do with your character if you're no longer around.

Allow plot game masters and/or faction managers to use this character as an NPC while you're gone? If no, your character would be written out of the story.
Yes No

Allow this character to be adopted by other players once you've been absent for a year or more?
Yes No

IMPORTANT: This button generates the code for you to put on the wiki. It does not save your character. MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR BIO TO THE WIKI BEFORE CLOSING THIS PAGE.
Written by David Morgan and Wes Davis. ©2007-2016
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