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Privacy Policy

This policy covers how Star Army collects and uses personal information that can be used to identify you.


Our server automatically logs IP address, browser and OS information, referrers, screen resolution, and the time when you visit the site.

We only collect personal information when you register for the services the site offers, such as the forums. We do not collect personal information on children under 13 (only people 16 years old or older may join).

Information we will collect if you participate

  • Your name, if you opt to share it or make a donation.
  • Your age. Persons under 16 are not allowed to participate or browse this website.
  • Your e-mail address will be used to send out notices regarding the website and the boards.
  • Some demographic information (age, gender, etc.)
  • Other optional profile fields such as instant messenger handles and location

Information we may collect if needed

  • Your mailing address (if you are being billed for something by StarArmy, etc.).

Information we do not collect

  • Star Army does not collect credit card information. Transactions are instead handled by third parties such as Paypal or Square.
  • Star Army does not have access to your raw password, and cannot view or retrieve it.

Updating/Correcting your Information

If you suspect some of the information has about you is incorrect, contact admin Wes.

Sharing and Protecting Your Information does not sell, rent, lease, or give away the information collected on the website to third-party organizations, with the exception of spammer info which is reported to blacklists such as StopForumSpam.

We will release private information to law enforcement officials only if legally compelled to.

We will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information wherever it is stored. Dreamhost privacy policy.

Non-public information is disclosed only to's staff.

Third-Party Services

The following third-party service providers are used by Star Army; see their privacy policies for more info.

  • Amazon (advertising)
  • Cloudflare (provides DNS and caching services)
  • Facebook (login app and share button)
  • Google (login app, ReCAPTCHA)
  • Google Adsense (advertising)
  • Google Analytics (provides us statistical info)
  • PayPal (donations)
  • Twitter (login app and share button)
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