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Adoptable Characters

Star Army has some pre-made characters which are available for adoption. If you prefer to start with a character that is finished or partially finished, you can find one here. While players find Creating a Character to be a fun, it also often entails a lot of deep diving into the wiki. Adopting an available character can be a fast and easy alternative. There's plenty of older characters or character concepts that could some someone to give them new life.

For Star Army's character adoption policy, see Character Adoption

List of Characters

The characters in the list below have been flagged as adoptable.

PageCharacter Owner
Abart'huse TheisilisBRindustries
Adelphress SvenghouliZekec
Aikawa KiyoshiMatthew
Akamine BrynhildrZekec
Akechi MinoruAnfortas
Blesi IngridLeighLink
Brando SinclairKai
Calver LunrenDervicus
Chiyu KimidoriRuby
Daedalus EikosidekasDemibear
Diovi', GaryGary Diovi'
Doctor Sii'pylet 'Evening' Faeren New Tur'listaAnnie
Eir Nygaard-SmithDeathevn
Elise WeisselFrown-chan
Ellena FrostSeehund
Elzigarf AnolioHorl-Bajir
Evelyn FritzSamuel
Faraday TerrenceShadow
Fergal NialLorcan Lycan
Fergus MallanCordinarr
Fian Vel SteyrFian
Fleshmender Tsura Four Two 42-9518-6673Angelic Crux
Flynn BlackburnBlizzard
Foreman Queen Seven-Two 23-2016-1994Titanrex
Francis Lasallewaylan16
Franklin โ€œEarthquakeโ€ HornAcewing13
Fuller, JacobIsaac Goldhammer
Garland AmberidgeMoon Man
Gavril PapadopoulosFirebrand
Gearhead Michael Two Three 23-1659-2450Artyr
Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212Drunken Frog
Genesculptor Six Three 63-5262-8271Cordinarr
Godric ErenpilGrammarPaladin
Haepo Crathe CutterGrey Library
Hafsa bint SalehPlaidMage
Halcyon HaelHaelhalcyon
Harry D. RhodesLivgardist
Harvey GrantAmaryllis
Henry Doc HollidayShadow
Herschel Portervitruvius
Hoyarame JibaEthereal
Ian McCainSUBLIMEinal
Iltani Abdu-suripaladinrpg
Indira ShivaliTyler
Isaac DestrisTruth
Isaac NolanThe Grinning Bandit
Isha RagnarBlackbird Lore
Istavan Michealovitch YuttrebergLe Blue Dude
Itakori ImakiriDaniel
Itou ShikiExhack
James AlkenKyoshiro
James LongstreetSilverthorne
James PapadapolusJames Papadapolus
Jaron NasifLivgardist
Jasmine BlackhawkSmokeEmpress
Jason SaxmarkNacho Man Grande
Jax Dir TeshinJabberwocky727
Jenn RiggsNoodles
Jin Pho'tetJin
Jlu CiranthArtyr
Jo CigaroSmokeEmpress
Joachim "Joey" DemaroImp Syndrome
John Nitzbandcyton
Johnathan NichlausKai
Julian HunterPurpleandblackattack
Kael DorainZakalwe
Kage Kasumi "Mist"Fay
Kagi AiroHumansrpepul2 (Allen)
Kajiim AshadKaijim
Kakita ManabuNergal
Karasu JimeTeddo
Karasu RyuuSamuel
Karasume YorokaFay
Kassandra "Kass" HammerhandHyperion
Katia VelesThekrimsonwulf
Kawano KotoneKawano Kotone
Kayo van MeijlThe Real Bames Jond
Kayoko Shiipaladinrpg
Kebros KraneKarrie
Ken MillerKylen
Kenneth Byer-RyzaevGuru Of OLOY
Ketsurui RikouKai
Kikoru FayeFay
Kin NakamuraKai
Krian "Kri" PearlAltairkri Pearl
Kris BlackSamuel
Kromi'Temyrci "Rush" FyunnenThe Real Bames Jond
Krystian CzarneckiBack-Alley Nightmare
Kurt PuttfarkenCompouds117
Lance NemoHighDarkLord
Lekmakee Ganjaat DeesSaul
Lena "Cuts" Barlowhomeside_6
Lenwe VeneanarAvatar of Kohana
Leutre VeressisStrangelove
Levi McDonaldHaniel
Lill IannaKai
Louis "Red Thunder" MacEmbreyTeslaTornado
Lucas ZionRhysis
Luger HiramRegantor
Luke AviosTomaszavenger
Lydia "Hex" ReinhardtVicious
Lydia KazantsevaDJ P4NTSL3SS
Lyshana "Nova" SeranLe Blue Dude
Makari AeronPhe0n1x
Maki MiyakoDJ P4NTSL3SS
Malik Ibn RashidanFirebrand
Marcus KesslerWanderer
Marcus RodiaRhysis
Mastermind Whisper Nine Four 94-3923-4419Malefic
Matthew BlakeVoren50
Melissiel ParthenopaeusTyler
Memiel BikosWes
Michael BrazilleProwler
Mike O'Neil JRCenturion
Mikhael ChandlerTeslaTornado
Moira 'Adia' FyuunenLin
Mridula Ituri OseiPlaidMage
MylehsaGardner in the Dark
N'kol LamorPancakei
Najat al-HaradimPlaidMage
Nal'vesul Rein'nicTray Tor
Nanimo, ReiKimberly M
Natale AmeliZephyrite
Nequas YhuZekec
Nerai'tha Uithersh ThesilisBRindustries
Nevaraon DarkmidnightNevaron
Nevsa RemoreSamuel
Neyla RealgarPancakei
Nicholai Vandhersonmizunoyoroko
Nick CobaltSleepy Hollow
Nika AmelinChops
Nina NooneNina Noone
NopperaThe Real Bames Jond
Nurse Er'red Nny'ust "Cous" FyunnenJimmy
Oswald "Ozzie" TysonAcewing13
Pavel RostropovichCatoTheElder
Phaedra "Wolf" VolkovCyborg aka DJ Moose
Pilot Vathr'dal 'Horizon' Numrith New Tur'listawaylan16
Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262Gardner in the Dark
Priscilla BarlowKyoki
Qason RoiarqRavnman
Quentin MillerWyld
Raduriel HayyelBman142
Raku KishiGrey Library
Raphael KalliasAcewing13
Raven (Samuel Connors)Centurion
Redrick 'Red' CallahanBorn-on-board
Rei "Chime" Fang-LiangFrown-chan
Remiel KalaninOrion
Rennik CageFrost
Richard Matthewsthatcanadiandude
Riku TanakaSparkee0213
Riven NuttingArch-Striker
Robert "Rags" RaggletonNevaron
Roshan JavaidAnfortas
Royce JintelArcade
Sa'ryl Emolia MisalngtFrown-chan
Sadie RavenarcFay
Samantha "Sam" OliverPlaidMage
Samuel TybaltDavidizer13
Se'verem Keri'cruenKhasidel
Sebastien MurinaeHarvengure
Sekimizu, Ellisifmara
Selin Akri'bastSamuel
Seth LaraiKai
Shaanti EkataBlizzard
Shadow WraithQuantumditto
Shar Khirijian VetelFrown-chan
Shaun PhillipsDriker
Sheila VonderbrinkKeiri
Shin NekkiFirebrand
Silas GrayStraken
Silic VasJimmy
Simone WardavSeehund
Skyanariel FlightKashton1
Sok`lov Y`ka A`reliaAcewing13
Svein NicholsMortem
Unit# JUN-0-81bX922g7 "Juno" (ๆจน้‡Ž)Bullet Pink
Wolf SalemRockerboy911
โ€˜Ismat SitariKyoki

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