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Art Gallery for the Star Army Bodysuit Uniform

You can find images of the Type 21 Bodysuit below. This is a traditional uniform used by Nekovalkyrja serving in the Star Army of Yamatai's space fleets.

Note: Some of the art in this gallery is very old. Please refer to the information on the uniform page when drawing this uniform, as the colors below may not be accurate to the current design. For example, there are some artworks shown with white gloves when the gloves are always supposed to match the belt and Boots by regulation.

2003 Design

These are the original designs as drawn and colored by Wes back in 2003:

2004 Artworks

These show the uniform as it was drawn by Alexandra Douglass, one of the first artists we commissioned. They had bright colors and white gloves.

This is a diagram made by Wes:


2007 was the start of the โ€œZairyo era.โ€


Some artworks circa 2008 showed the bodysuit as shiny.



Artwork of the bodysuit uses the standard Star Army Uniform Colors but those (inaccurate) white gloves still appear sometimes.


Lately the bodysuit has seen wear and is still a staple for many Star Army of Yamatai personnel, even captains!


Demibear commissioned these artworks in 2020:

Wes commissioned this bodysuit artwork:

Hanako wearing a Type 22 Bodysuit Uniform

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