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 +====== Anrui Keiu ======
 +Anrui Keiu is a [[:​characters|player character]] played by [[user:​ametheliana]].
 +^  Anrui Keiu  ^^
 +|   {{ :​character:​2019:​anrui_keiu.png?​300 |}}  ||
 +^  Species & Gender: ​ |  [[species:​nekovalkyrja:​nekovalkyrja_type_33|]] Female ​ |
 +^  Year of Birth: ​ |  [[timeline:​YE 33]]  |
 +^  Organization: ​ |  [[stararmy:​start]] ​ |
 +^  Occupation: ​ |  [[stararmy:​occupations:​starship_captain]] ​ |
 +^  Rank:  |  [[stararmy:​ranks:​chusa]] ​ |
 +^  Current Placement: ​ |    |
 +===== Physical Description =====
 +Originating from the bottom of her wide and icy blue eyes and dropping down either cheek, Anrui has wide genetic tattoos of blood tears. To her, they are symbolic of the [[faction:​yamatai:​ketsurui_clan|]]. Her grey skin is otherwise uninterrupted,​ save for the normal features of a NH-33. Her patel purple brows are thicker towards their centers than the ends and are framed by two knife-like slivers of hair that frame her bangs above, which change once in awhile, usually cycling between straight, to the side, or simply a middle part that the slivers stem from. Her long, straight hair is a soft lavender throughout, lighter at the top than bottom, which she wears in high twin tails on either side of her head, though their end lengths still cascade in an area between her butt and knee. Anrui has a short build at 4 foot nine inches, and small proportions. ​
 +===== Personality =====
 +The resourcefulness and charismatic nature of Anrui help her find success in herself and her crew. She is trustworthy of those that have proven themselves, but expects nobody to jump through hoops to prove anything to her. Though responsible and willing to take responsibility for her mistakes and that of her crew, she can be stingy with resources and personal information- seen by her as a way to balance obligations she feels towards her fellow [[guide:​yamataians|Yamataians]]. ​
 +She has been taught to fish and handed fish, metaphorically. She has tasked herself in [[timeline:​ye_41|YE 41]] with becoming a better teacher and with learning better from others as she herself doesn'​t agree with being metaphorically handed something she could learn to get for herself and doesn'​t want to get used to teaching others that the easier route is the best one. She is trying, but it's not easy.
 +Anrui is unmerciful with her enemies and not outwardly loving with her allies, but she feels for both of them. She grapples with understanding what it is that makes war what it is, but has never voiced these inner thoughts. ​
 +===== History =====
 +Anrui Keiu was born in [[timeline:​YE 33]] on [[planet:​nataria|]]. She pushed through basic and was admitted into being trained for a yellow paneled [[stararmy:​occupations:​cook|]],​ based on her volunteer-made dishes at basic. The first day of training to be a cook met her with being walked down the halls of the training fort and was sent to become a [[stararmy:​occupations:​science|science officer]] instead, primarily due to Anrui causing an intentional chemical reaction and otherwise flustering the head chef with questions within the first three hours of chef courses.
 +Three years after completing science training, she had been serving aboard a single ship for the majority of her time, shifting between bridge and away-based positions before she returned to the [[stararmy:​bases:​academy_of_military_and_medical_sciences]] once more, this time to begin training for an officer position. Her captain liked her enough to give her hands on training on their ship, but a love affair with the XO meant they had less time to devote to the engaging mind of Anrui. Before Anrui began courses, she found herself pining for a new body and moved from a tall, pink haired, peachy fleshed, and golden eyed body she had inhabited before to the grey-skinned and blood tear-marked one she has inhabited since. ​
 +Three months later, after basic officer courses and command tactics training, Anrui was ready to serve as a Shoi for the first time. She was stationed as an XO on a [[stararmy:​starship_classes:​plumeria_medium_gunship|Plumeria]] that had run into some bad luck recently. The XO, alongside her captain, worked hard and well to turn the ship around. Anrui found she was able to plant her foot into the chain of command well. She had a knack for thinking through the crew's desires and concerns and finding their solutions before moving them on to the captain. She found pride in being able to report the success of mediation on her part more than trifles to her captain. Her leadership qualities made her approachable and reliable, but Anrui didn't believe she was cut out for proper command of a ship for a long time. 
 +The time came that she was offered a promotion to the title of captain, though, along with her own ship. The offer sat heavy on her mind and after a tender and, at times, bittersweet,​ conversation with her captain, a decision was made. She took the position as a captain of a [[stararmy:​starship_classes:​fuji-class_expeditionary_gunship|]] in late [[timeline:​ye_40|]].
 +==== Skills Learned ====
 +Anrui Keiu has the following notable skills:
 +  * [[stararmy:​skills:​common]]
 +  * Domestic: Anrui is a great chef. Yearly, she takes on a new set of challenges. Whether that be to find out more about a set of trends in the culinary world or to take on a new part of being a cook that she feels she is lacking in, Anrui sets and meets goals for herself in this field and shares the results with her crew if they are successful and to her liking. She has great rapport with the yellow panels on her ship and works with them as well as allows them time off in order to make what she describes as "​experiments"​.
 +  * Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Mathematics:​ Initially, Anrui was fully trained in the sciences as a science officer and has all the prerequisite skills of one, as well as a deep love of both astrobiology and artificial intelligence and sometimes pontificates on how they tie in with one another. ​
 +  * Knowledge: Anrui knows the laws and history of the [[faction:​yamatai_star_empire|]] and has great memory, is able to recall and reference information
 +  * Communications (included in common): Anrui knows [[language:​trade|]],​ [[language:​yamataigo|]],​ and has looked into [[faction:​iromakuanhe:​language#​saalsari_the_common_tongue|Saalsari]] a bit, as well as [[language:​takavonai]],​ but has yet to find a use for her knowledge of these last two tongues outside of greeting.
 +===== Social Connections =====
 +Anrui is connected to:
 +  * Crews, past and present
 +  * Professors, teachers, and instructors
 +===== Inventory & Finance =====
 +Anrui Keiu has the [[stararmy:​standard issue]].
 +Anrui Keiu currently has 3000 KS.
 +===== OOC Information =====
 +This article was created on 2019/07/07 14:08 using the namespace template.
 +In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:
 +  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
 +  * Can this character be [[guide:​Adoption|adopted]] after I've been gone for a year? NO

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