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Calandri Valtok

Calandri Valtok is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Calandri Valtok
Species & Gender: Random Alien Female
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: Mercenary
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Calandri stands at a tall 7 foot, with a hour glass figure and pale skin covered in dark red fur.

Calandri has the body measurements of 34D-22-36.

Calandri's face is a love heart shape, with almond shaped solid color emerald eyes, a small black deer-like nose, a small mouth and thin lips, four deer-like ears, two on each side of her head and two horns, one coming out of each side of her head and curving up and backwards. Her maroon hair is long and is normally done up in a braided bun, but if left unattended will reach her waist.

Calandri's body from her neck to her waist is vaguely human like, in that if you took a glace at her you would confuse her with just a human with a lot of fur. On closer inspection Calandri has, four long thin arms with three digits at the end of each hand. Her chest, stomach and back all look humanoid but with fur covering it all, a deep red colour on her back, chest and shoulders and her stomach being a bright white colour.

Calandri's lower half consists of a human-like waist but with a small fluffy deer-like tail coming from her lower back. Her legs are fluffier than the rest of her body, then instead of feet she has jet black hooves.


Calandri is still a big follower of her home world traditions, celebrating holidays that no one else around her does. She does this because she is still an Honorable person and would rather keep up the traditions of her people than let the vast universe absorb and take away those special parts of her being.

She normally has a very unreadable face, unless someone makes her angry or upset. She has a protective streak to her as well, if she has formed a bond with someone and she will look after them if they are hurt or help them instantly when they ask for it.

She is quick to anger if someone pushes her buttons and she will retaliate before she calms down and goes back to being herself. She loves being with people she likes, always on the more friendly side though with people that she trusts than people she doesn't.

She loves sweet and spicy food, having a good fight and learning about other species and their traditions.

She hates people pushing her buttons, acting like she is just her body and people treating her like a small lost child and not the warrior she is.

Her goals are to study and explore the universe and learn as much as she can about other species and what her species has gotten wrong about what lies beyond their system.


Calandri Valtok was born in YE 16.

Calandri had a good childhood, learning the old traditions of her people, playing with her friends, learning how to fight and her studies with others on how to act as an adult. She enjoyed all of it, favoring the fighting over other teaching, she liked fighting with the weapons and with her hands. As she grew up, she kept trying to go more to the army and other military roles, but her family wasn't having it, they used the excuses with her that her blood meant she was for more than just fighting.

Calandri's teenage years were a little more horrible for her, they started of normal, with her still wanting to get into the planet military and her family saying no, she must learn how to lead the people. When she was fourteen was when it turned horrible, a group had landed on the planet in some metal flying boat and started taking members of her tribe. She was not having this and with help some some of the other defenders manages to get a push back, until these weird aliens starting using weapons that Calandri had never seen and tons died.

Calandri's world had been turned upside down as she fell to her knees and looks around, the last thing she remembered for a few days was a collar being strapped to her neck and getting one of those weapons smashed into her face. Once she awoke she was somewhere she had never seen before and in the first time in her life she felt fear in what was happening. As the years went on, she never knew how many of her species survived or how many others where enslaved like she was, put to work for nothing but a meal or if she was lucky two meals a day.

As Calandri worked as a slave she had picked up a few things from the others she worked with and was putting it to good use. When she was twenty, she and the other slaves staged a riot and broke out killing the guards and the other people controlling them. Some of the others help Calandri escape the planet they were on and helped her to another, they had taught her everything she knew, trade, how to survive and make money with her skills in the real world.

Calandri spent the early years free with the group she escaped with learning how to talk trade fluently and how to get money. Her first few jobs weren't anything she wanted to do but she learnt how to steal easily using her own skills. She soon found something she was useful in and that was Mercenary work, to do what she had always dreamed of doing. When she started this work, she felt guilty going against her parent's wishes, she hoped she would meet them again and this may be her only chance.

Social Connections

Calandri Valtok is connected to: The Valtok family were high born on Calandri's home planet, she still holds true that she has royal blood even after everything that has happened to her.

Skills Learned


Calandri can speak in Trade and her own species language. She can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation.


Calandri has been trained from a very young age how to fight with in hand to hand combat and with close combat weapons. She has started practicing to use these new weapons to her, what others called guns.


Calandri knows a lot of things to help others feel at ease, she can gamble, dance, tell jokes and with help from her first real job in the red-light district, she can do a lot of things that have to be done behind closed doors.


Calandri knows know to cook, clean, do laundry and many other household chores being the one who done them all in the family, she does them all to her own high standard and takes enjoyment in the peace of doing it, as it reminds her of when she was home with her family.


Calandri can be quite stealthy for her size and hooves, with this she developed quite the easy to pickpocket and steal. which was both useful for when she was a slave, to get stuff off the guards and others that came around, but also worked quite nicely for other work she did to get a little extra money.

Maintenance and Repair

Calandri doesn't mind getting down and dirty, keeping things running and making sure that they wont blow up is all that she can do, as one of her many jobs that she had throughout her life.


Calandri has a nimble frame, so he has good speed and acrobatics useful on the battlefield for dodging and positioning in the perfect way.

Inventory & Finance

Calandri Valtok has the following items:


  • Black T-Shirt x2
  • Red T-Shirt x3
  • White button up blouse x2
  • Light blue jeans x2
  • Black jeans x1
  • Black hip shorts x2
  • Green hip shorts x1
  • Leather zip up jacket x1
  • Black undergarments x3
  • Red undergarments x4


personal grooming

  • tooth brush
  • soap
  • hand towel x2
  • towel x2
  • tooth paste
  • female beauty products
  • perfume

OOC Notes

This character article was generated using the PHP template form.

In the case Bloodyscarlet becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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